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Merchant Account Guide

Merchant Account Guide Information

Choosing a Merchant Account Provider

If you want to be able to offer your customers the convenience of making a payment with a credit card or check electronically, you'll have to apply for a merchant account. Before you sign on the dotted line, shop carefully and weigh your options. Having payment processing abilities can make your business; choosing a bad merchant account provider can break it.

All merchant account providers are not created equal and neither are the financial packages they'll offer to you. Look closely to their longevity in the business and customer service experience.

How can InfoMerchant Help?

There are many solutions that we can offer you from high risk to online and offshore merchant accounts. Whereas one company may label your business as too risky and turn you away, another will be only too glad to give you an account - and a hefty bill at the end of the month. However, armed with a good bit of knowledge and some sharp negotiation skills, you should have no problem finding a suitable provider that meets your needs and we can help point you in the right direction.

We can offer you the best in online, retail, debit cards and check related services as well as all the latest developments in the credit card processing world.

Merchant Account Questions

Below are some of the most important questions and answers on how to prepare
yourself for the world of merchant accounts and credit card processing.

What are some important questions to ask before signing up for a merchant account?
What is an explanation of a merchant account?
How much do I have to pay for a merchant account cost?
Why should I consider Fasttransact for my merchant account?
How many merchant accounts can someone have?
Is having a merchant account the best way to accept online transactions or should I use a PC?
How long does the merchant account approval process take?
Do you accept non-U.S. merchants?
Do you have any hidden fees for merchant accounts?
How fast can you set up my merchant account to accept credit cards?
Do you decline any merchant account applications or online processing applications?
Can I process for more than one business with my merchant account?
Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to open a merchant account?
What if I want to open a Canadian merchant account?
What are your fees and costs for merchant account processing?
What are the underwriting requirements to open a merchant account?
What kinds of typical startup costs can I expect in obtaining a merchant account?
I already have a retail merchant account, can I use this for internet processing?
Are there merchant application fees involved?
How do I apply for a merchant account?
How long will it take for my merchant application to be processed?
What if my merchant application is not approved?
Can you describe the merchant application process?
Does Fasttransact require a contract or is it month to month?
Will you charge me for a second merchant account?


Merchant Account Questions

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