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Credit Card Terminals

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Hypercom Products
Hypercom Corporation is a leading, global provider of electronic payment solutions that add value for consumers, merchants and acquirers. Hypercom products include secure card payment terminals and web appliances, networking equipment and software applications for e-commerce, m-commerce, smart cards and traditional payment applications. It is a public corporation, traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HYC.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Hypercom maintains an installed base of more than 3.5 million card payment terminals operating in over 100 countries. Together, these terminals and appliances conduct more than 2.5 billion transactions every year.


New Hypercom Terminals

Hypercom Artema Compact Terminal
Hypercom Artema Desk Terminal

Hyercom Artema Hybrid
Optimum T4210 Terminal
Optimum T4220 Terminal
Optimum T4230 Terminal
Optimum T4100 Terminal
Optimum T2100 Terminal
Optimum T7Plus Terminal
Artema Mobile Terminal
Artema Portable Terminal

Optimum M4240 Terminal
Optimum M4230 Terminal

Optimum M4100 Terminal
Optimum M2100 Terminal
Optimum L4150 Terminal
Optimum L4250 Terminal
Artema Pin Hybrid Terminal
Hyrbrid Card Controller
Optimum P2100 Terminal
P1300 Terminal
S10 Terminal
Wymix Terminal

Hypercom Terminals

Hypercom ICE 7000CE Terminal
Hypercom ICE 6500 Terminal
Hypercom ICE 6500 Ethernet Terminal
Hypercom ICE 6000 Terminal
Hypercom ICE 5700Plus Terminal
Hypercom ICE 5700 Terminal
Hypercom ICE 5500Plus Terminal
Hypercom ICE 5500 Terminal
Hypercom ICE 5500M Terminal
Hypercom ICE 4000 Terminal
Hypercom T7Plus Terminal
Hypercom T7P Terminal
Hypercom T7 Wireless Terminal
Hypercom T7GQ Terminal
Hypercom T77 Terminal
Hypercom T77 Friction Terminal
Hypercom T7E Terminal
Hypercom T8 Terminal
Hypercom HFT 101 Terminal
Hypercom HFT 103 Terminal
Hypercom HFT 105 Terminal
Hypercom HFT 110 Terminal
Hypercom HFT 200 Terminal
Hypercom HFT 500 Terminal
Hypercom HFT 900 Terminal
Hypercom S9 PinPad
Hypercom S9 Multilane PinPad
Hypercom S8 PinPad
Hypercom S7SC PinPad
Hypercom D8 PinPad
Hypercom CSP1000 Printer
Hypercom P8 Printer

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VeriFone Products
VeriFone® is a division of Hewlett-Packard Company and the leading global provider of secure electronic-payment solutions for financial institutions, merchants and consumers. They have shipped more than 9 million payment systems, which are used in more than 100 countries.


Newest VeriFone Terminals

VeriFone MX-880 Terminal
VeriFone MX-870 Terminal
VeriFone MX-860 Terminal
VeriFone MX-850 Terminal
VeriFone MX-830 Terminal
VeriFone VX-510 Terminal
VeriFone VX-570 Terminal

VeriFone VX-610 Terminal
VeriFone VX-670 Terminal
VeriFone VX-810 Terminal
VeriFone VX-810 Duet Terminal
VeriFoneQX-1000 Terminal
VeriFone Nurit-293 Terminal
VeriFone Nurit-2159 Terminal
VeriFone Nurit-2930 Terminal
VeriFone Nurit-8000 Terminal
VeriFone Nurit-8210 Terminal

VeriFone Nurit 8400 Terminal
VeriFone Secura Integrated Terminal
VeriFone Secura PINpad Terminal
VeriFone PINpad 1000SE Terminal
VeriFone Xplorer Terminal

VeriFone Terminals

VeriFone Eclipse Terminal
VeriFone Omni 396 Terminal

VeriFone Omni 395 Terminal
VeriFone Tranz 330 Terminal
VeriFone Tranz 380 Terminal
VeriFone Tranz 380X2 Terminal
VeriFone XL 300 Terminal
VeriFone Zon Jr Plus Terminal
VeriFone Zon Jr XL Terminal
VeriFone Omni 395 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3200 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3300 Terminal
VeriFone Tranz 420 Terminal
VeriFone Tranz 460 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3210 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3700 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3730 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3730LE Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3740 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3750 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3750 (Ethernet) Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3350 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3200SE Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3210SE Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3300SE Terminal
VeriFone Omni 3600 Terminal
VeriFone Omni 7000MPD Terminal
VeriFone CDT 8810 Terminal
VeriFone EverestPlus Terminal
VeriFone Omni 2250 Smart Card Terminal
VeriFone Printer 950
VeriFone Printer 355
VeriFone Printer 900 Roll Printer
VeriFone Printer 250
VeriFone PINpad 1000
VeriFone PINpad 1000SE
VeriFone PINpad 2000
VeriFone CR 1000i Check Imaging Peripheral
VeriFone CR 600 MICR Check Reader
VeriFone SC 5000 Programmable Smart Card PINpad
VeriFone Keyboard 100

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Established in 1974, Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd is a high technology publicly-held company whose shares are traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange. Their objective is to keep ahead of the competition through innovative action. Their business philosophy is to provide the most reliable, technologically advanced and most cost-effective product available.

Today, Lipman's main product line revolves around the design and manufacture of advanced wireless and tel-line point-of-sale (POS) terminals and cash registers, betting and home services terminals, thermal and impact printers, PIN pads, smart-card readers, coin-operated or credit/debit/smart card controllers for integration into vending machine, commercial washer/dryer payment systems or numerous other card-type payment applications.

Lipman continually strives to manufacture unique and sophisticated products that are: low-cost, simple to operate and program, systematically flexible being based upon well-thought out hardware/software integration, and finally but not least, quality assured. The engineering development department is continually researching new concepts and has demonstrated its ability to quickly respond to the ever present technological changes characterizing the field of data communications.

Lipman NURIT 8000 Mobitex WirelessTerminal
Lipman NURIT 8000 Motient Wireless Terminal
Lipman NURIT 3010 Terminal
Lipman NURIT 2090 Wireless Terminal
Lipman NURIT 2070 Wireless Terminal
Lipman NURIT 2085 Terminal
Lipman NURIT 2085 U Wireless Terminal
Lipman NURIT 2085 Plus Terminal
Lipman NURIT 2090 CDPD Wireless Terminal
Lipman NURIT 3010 Radio Wireless Terminal
Lipman NURIT 3010 Motient Wireless Terminal
Lipman NURIT 3020 Plus Terminal
Lipman NURIT 3020 Plus Smart Card Terminal
Lipman NURIT 3000 Plus Terminal
Lipman NURIT 202 PinPad
Lipman Nurit 252 Pinpad

Lipman NURIT 292 Pinpad

Lipman NURIT 505 Printer
Lipman NURIT 525 Printer
Lipman NURIT 504 Printer
Lipman ePad


Ingenico Products

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Ingenico Products

Founded in France in 1980 by Jean-Jacques Poutrel, Ingenico has expanded worldwide as a result of implementing an aggressive acquisition strategy thus becoming the worldwide leader in secure transactions.
Today, Ingenico's headquarters are located in France, employing 2000 people, with a presence on every continent, managing 20 subsidiaries and working with 300 distributors around the world.


Newest Ingenico Terminals

Ingenico En Check 2500 Terminal
Ingenico En Check 3000 Terminal
Ingenico ICT 220 Terminal
Ingenico ICT 250 Terminal
Ingenico Aqua Terminal
Ingenico i500 Terminal
Ingenico i5310 Terminal
Ingenico ETF 930 Terminal
Ingenico i7910 Terminal
Ingenico i8550 Terminal
Ingenico i3070 Terminal
Ingenico i3070 Contactless
Ingenico i6550 Terminal
Ingenico i6580 Terminal
Ingenico i6580 V3 Terminal
Ingenico i6780 Terminal
Ingenico i6780 v3 Terminal
Ingenico i9500 Terminal
Ingenico iP280 Terminal
Ingenico ML30 Series Terminal
Ingenico P30 Series Terminal
Ingenico i3050 Terminal
Ingenico i7780 Terminal
Ingenico 7810 Terminal

Ingenico Terminals

Ingenico 5100 Terminal
Ingenico 5300 Terminal
Ingenico 9200 Terminal

Ingenico entouch 3100 Terminal
Ingenico 510 Terminal

Ingenico 710 Terminal
Ingenico 712 Terminal
Ingenico 7300 Portable Terminal
Ingenico 7700 Portable Terminal

Ingenico Elite 730 Portable Terminal
Ingenico Elite 770 Portable Terminal

Ingenico 8200 Wireless Terminal
Ingenico 8500 Wireless Portable Terminal

Ingenico Elite 790 Wireless Terminal
Ingenico Encrypt 100 Pinpad

Ingenico 3010 Pinpad

Ingenico 3050 Pinpad
Ingenico 3300 Pinpad

Ingenico 3500 Pinpad
Ingenico 6200 Pinpad

Ingenico 6400 Pinpad
Ingenico 6500 Pinpad

Ingenico Elite 640 Pinpad
Ingenico entouch 1000 Pinpad

Ingenico Elite 210 Check Reader
Ingenico Elite 230 Check Reader

Ingenico 2600 Check Reader
Ingenico CMR 431 Check Reader
Ingenico CMR 430 Check Reader
Ingenico CMR 430CR Check Reader

Ingenico eN Check 2500 Check Reader

Ingenico eN Check 3000 Check Reader

Ingenico Scribe 612 Printer

Dassault AT
Dassault AT of America (DAToA) is based in Atlanta Georgia and is part of a world wide group with their head quarters located in Paris France. Offices world wide include Paris France, Madrid Spain, Bad Hersfeld Germany and Atlanta Georgia. Dassault sells terminals to all parts of the world and is the leader in Smart Card terminals installed world wide.

Dassault has been in the EFT/POS business for 15+ years. The US operation has been in existence for three years. Dassault has enjoyed a world wide leadership role in the EFT/POS industry for many years. They currently are 7th in world wide EFT/POS installations and 1st in installed Smart Card terminals.


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Credit Card Terminals

Credit Card Terminals


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