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Merchant Account Underwriting

Merchant Account Underwriting Requirements

What are the underwriting requirements to open a merchant account?

Well, while we don't disclose our requirements, we do provide the following guidelines which are industry standards:

1) We don't open accounts for sex businesses, on-line adult content, roving merchants (door-to-door sales), drug paraphernalia, and similar businesses.

2) We'll require a copy of your business license, fictitious business name filing (DBA), seller's permit, articles of incorporation, tax privilege license or vendor's license and whatever is applicable.

Once your completed merchant account application is received, you MUST provide:

  1. Copy of signor's driver's license
  2. Copy of voided check with business name on check OR copy of letter from merchants business bank on bank letterhead:
  1. a) Account name
  2. b) Account number
  3. c) Routing number
  4. d) Signed by bank staff member
  1. If currently processing credit cards, merchant will be required to submit 1-3 months processing statements.
  2. If customer is asking for more than $10,000 in monthly processing volume OR risk is considered high, the merchant may be required to submit the following:
  1. a) Copy of Checking Account Statements
Copy of business license OR articles of incorporation

Merchant Account Questions

Below are some of the most important questions and answers on how to prepare
yourself for the world of merchant accounts and credit card processing.

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Merchant Account Questions

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