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Nurit 3010 Wireless Terminal

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The NURIT 2070 is an advanced, lightweight portably designed wireless credit/debit card and check authorization POS/EDC terminal.
Dependable and independent operation is made possible by use of radio communications linked to a wireless mobile data network or via any standard telephone line.

The NURIT 2070 can be taken and used in locations where a telephone line is difficult or impossible to install such as outdoors sales areas, parking lots, kiosks, sports stadiums etc. Merchants with no access to a phone line can now accept credit and debit cards and perform check verification.
The NURIT's powerful built-in rechargeable and replaceable battery pack can maintain reliable stand-alone operation in excess of 10 hours.
The possible financial risk of not being able to verify customer authorization may now be eliminated thus improving cash flow.

Designed for ease-of-use, the NURIT enables the completion of a typical transaction in less than eight seconds by the use of only a few keystrokes. The large alphanumeric LCD display provides the operator with simple and easy-to-understand guide prompts to complete any type of transaction and facilitates accessing the terminal's many powerful features.

The easily accessible rear panel connectors allow for the use of a PIN pad or other general purpose RS-232 (serial) communication peripherals.

With the NURIT 2070, POS/EDC technology enters the 21st century !

Portable wireless operation. Can be taken and used anywhere within coverage area
Total transaction time in less than eight seconds
Occupies minimal work space
Communication via built-in radio modem or regular telephone line
Split-dial operation with AMEX for authorization and settlement
Multi-host operational capability
Accepts cash and all major credit and debit cards; provides card authorization and check guarantee
Easily interconnects with a telephone, PIN pad, PC and other peripherals
Houses a built-in powerful rechargeable and replaceable battery pack for stand-alone operation exceeding 10 hours
Integrated impact printer provides fast and accurate receipts with choice of 1 or 2-ply paper
Automatic feeding system for built-in printer
Performs fast file transfer and downloading via cable and built-in 2400 baud modem
User-friendly operational menu system
Simple easy-to-read alphanumeric LCD display guides the user through each type of transaction
Large memory capacity for detailed current and past (history) batch reports
Lipman's Center Management Program allows for control over multiple terminals and enables setting up terminal and third-party host parameters. In addition, this program allows for generating various status and service reports.
Certified by all major host processors. Additional certifications upon request.


Large 32-character LCD display
Full alphanumeric capabilities
Built-in impact printer
Automatic paper feeder for printer
Magnetic stripe reader for tracks 1 and 2
Full header and trailer editing capability
Easy payment type selection
Total transaction time in less than 8 seconds
User-friendly menu system


Powerful 32-bit Motorola microprocessor, type EC68000


512 Kbyte flash memory for operating system application and parameters
256 to 512 Kbyte battery-backed RAM for user data. Two months minimum data retention.

Fully soft operating system for custom application reprogramming in C language
Complete and detailed hardware/software built-in tests
Reprogramming possible by downloading over phone
Operating system support for easy programming
Major third-party credit, debit and check verification hosts available

User programming security and authorization access
Program password protection

Built-in radio for wireless communication
Dial-up modem @ 1200 or 2400 bps for telephone communication (CCITT V.22, V.22bis and BELL 212A)

One general purpose RS-232 port, up to 19200 baud
One PIN pad port

Impact dot matrix type; 24 character, 2.5 lines/sec.; 1 or 2-ply paper capability using normal or pressure sensitive 2.26" (57.5 mm) wide paper .



9.06" deep x 10.63" wide x 3.15" high (23 cm x 27 cm x 8 cm)


4.41 lbs (2 Kg) with built-in battery pack

Power Supply

Supplied AC/DC adapter (15 VDC/2.5A)
Built-in rechargeable/replaceable Ni-Cd battery pack
Operates from an external 12 VDC source or optional car lighter adapter

Complies and registered with FCC Parts 15 and 68. Recognized by ETL.

Website: www.lipmanusa.com

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