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Merchant Services Overview

Merchant Credit Card Services

Merchant Account Services and Overview:


The bank helps in assisting and setting the Merchants ability to accept credit cards, checks, debit and online payment systems are ran through Visa, American Express and MasterCard. The information provided will help you determine the best avenue in accepting Merchant Services from an institution.

Credit Card processing Companies:

Being able to have the freedom and power of choosing a credit card processor is up to the individual. As you may know that there are an astronomical amount of credit card processors or ISO's who can accept payments from any merchant when qualified. My advice is to research the company and figure out the loyalty of there service to there customers and to you. Find out if they have any awards statewide and locally and if they have integration tools for solutions and of course there customer service. The placement of a processor is a middleman of sorts that retrieves payment and deposits into your account.

Merchant Account companies and providers:

It falls in the same line of Credit Card processors who's purpose is to serve your needs and educate you on the merchant account processing world. If you are a start up company and have no clues of these issues or how to get started, please give us a call and we will do our best to help integrate your questions with the world of processing.

Payment Processing Research:

Doing your research is key when ultimately choosing a credit card processing company. Companies who have low set up fees I would stay away from companies like this. This could mean that there enticing you to get in and there turnover rate can be extreme. Look through our Faq list and ask the sales team these questions and see if they have any clue of what you are talking about. Knowledge is key in this industry and the more knowledge the better.


Typical processing fees include per transaction fee, batch closing fee, monthly statement fee, and chargeback fee. Additional fees that may apply are application fee, termination fee, account maintenance fee, monthly minimum fee, and gateway access fee.

Most business owners generally try to find a merchant payment provider that offers the lowest discount rate. This fee is usually calculated as a percentage to hundreds (basis point) on the gross dollar amount of each transaction and is deducted from your deposit of credit card funds. In some instances, it can be more advantageous to have a higher rate rather than a lower one because the overall impact on an average ticket depends on the way a merchant account is set up.

Together with our Merchant Services knowledge and trained staff we can help get the solution that best fits your needs. Please look at our Merchant FAQ's if you have any more questions or give us a call.

Merchant Solutions:

Credit Card Processing

• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover
• Carte Blanche
• Diners

Debit Card Processing

• Maestro
• Interlink
• Star System
• Pulse

Check Processing

• Electronic Check Conversion*
• ACH Checking
• Check Guarantee
• Online Checks
• Electronic Funds Transfer

Collection Services

• Traditional Check Collections
• Electronic Re-Presentment
• Licensed in all 50 States

Customer Service

• 24 Hours a Day
• 7 Days a Week Incl. Holidays
• Toll-Free Access
• Web-Based Support

Internet Financial Portal

• E-Commerce Enabled Web Site
• Online Transaction History
• Online Bank Account Access
• National Business Directory

Your Choice of "Front End" Transaction Entry Options

• Point of Sale Terminals
• Online Website
• PC Software
• Cell Phone
• Browser-Based Virtual Terminals
• Touch Tone Telephone
• Fax Machine

* Electronic Check Conversion - Paper checks are converted to electronic items, so you don't have to deposit them at your bank.



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