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DSL - Satellite Internet - Cable Internet is the one-stop shop for all of your broadband needs including Residential DSL, Business DSL, Satellite DSL and soon... Cable Internet access.


DSL - Faster, More Reliable & Cheaper than Dialup!
DSL gives you high speed internet access allowing you to experience faster downloads, faster surfing and quite simply... a faster Internet!  DSL Service & DSL Access is now available through from leading DSL service providers like DIRECTV DSL ™, QWEST DSL& COVAD.


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How Fast is DSL?
DSL offers users a choice of speeds ranging from 144 Kbps to 1.5Mbps. This is 2.5x to 25x times faster than a standard 56Kbps dial-up modem.

Do I Need Second Line?
DSL uses the existing phone line and in most cases does not require an additional phone line. This gives "always-on" Internet access and does not tie up the phone line. No more busy signals, no more dropped connections, no more waiting for someone in the household to get off the phone.

Do I Need a Satellite?
No satellite dish is needed as DSL works off existing telephone lines.

What Does DSL Cost?
DSL typically runs $49.95 per month. In most parts of the country, less is about the same cost as dial-up service with a second phone line. DSL providers are always offering specials, which may include several months FREE for signing a one-year agreement, and most include FREE activation and no installation costs.