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Merchant Account Services

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You are looking for great service and a valued partner that you can trust in all your merchant account needs and the ability to accept credit cards from your customers is provided on how well the processor can handle your needs on a long term basis and not only on the initial sale.

For the most part there are companies that are trained on how to close the sale and have no idea about the internals side of things. There are companies as well who take the application and sell the info over to someone else in a portfolio at a later time. Most the companies are paid well on initial service and don't commit to the longevity process. Always consult with your customer service representative about the structure of the company and its standing in the business of merchant accounts and credit card processing.

There are many upfront commissions and signing bonuses with these companies who don't see your needs as a mission to their goal and that's customer relations.

Having good service and bad service determines the fine line between a profitable and growing business in our minds. You must have good services but your infrastructure must back you the merchant in deposit times, charge backs and huge set up fees. We provide ourselves with information and one on one service to the customer. Let us help you find the best solution to your merchant account needs.

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