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Convenience of Online Shopping Carts:

The biggest drive in E-commerce has been the convenience factor. More and more people are choosing the Internet as a platform to make money and the percentages of people who have been switching is amazing. Imagine what the world of Ebay and Yahoo has done to people shopping from the seat of there pants. People like yourself can open and start a business by starting a shopping cart and accepting credit cards online and its easy.

Here is a few things to look for in selling products online:

1. How do I capture my clients and turn them in to returning customers.
2. Make your product desirable to them.
3. Having the ability to accept credit cards and checks:

Having an integrated shopping cart with processing gateways all together one time solution is very important. With a premier gateway you can accept all major credit cards, checks and debit. You have the freedom to also use a virtual terminal that allows you to take payments wherever you are at as long as you have an Internet connection. Make sure its easy for the customer input there information and purchase. Some shopping carts are difficult and you can lose the customer to the competition.

4. Integration with other portals.
5. Having a safe and secure payment gateway.

Shopping Cart Specials

StoreSense Shopping Cart SpecialsStoreSense Special Discount ($12.95 Mo.)

  • Click here to view the store front demo.
  • Click here to view the store administration demo.
    (Username - "Admin", Password - "admin")

ECHO RedHat Interchange Payment Module

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