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Church Management Software

Special Program for Church Management Companies

Software Development Companies for Churches:

Our software can be used specifically for handling Church and non-profit organizations. No other transaction processing solution gives the Merchant the kind of power that VeloCT does. Merchants will feel like they have a customized gateway built specifically for their needs. VeloCT's flexible and high performance solution includes merchant management tools not available with other gateways. Our 360 degrees of security protects merchants from end-to-end with the most robust fraud controls, uncompromising access security, and unparalleled network-level security.

Software Privileges:

Manage accounts: allows user to change important
account settings, such as access security, credit card setup
and AVS/CVV2.

Manage contacts: allows user to alter company contact

Manage Fraud Barricade: allows user to change fraud
control settings in the Fraud Barricade.

Manage users: allows user to add or remove user logins
to the account. The manager may only give the permissions that they themselves have.

Manage sites: allows user to edit the website
configuration screen. Manage mail templates - allows user to add, delete and alter email templates.

View/Manage Negative DataBase: allows user to add, delete
and view the Negative DataBase.

Change password: allows user to change their password.

Manage members: allows user to add, delete and
manage members. (Used in conjunction with

View members: allows user to see lists of members.
(Used in conjunction with rebilling/membership)

View transactions: allows user to view transaction
history and other related screens.

Process transactions: allows user to process
transactions through the virtual terminal and utilize the
action links in the transaction list (reissue, capture, etc.)

View Invoices: allows user to view invoices in the billing
history for the merchants gateway account.

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