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Debit Card Processing

Processing with Debit Cards

Having to use your debit card vs. the check.

It is much easier to use debit cards vs. checks because the funds are directly debited and are itemized at time of purchase. Also, most cards can double as Visa or MasterCard along with the ability of using debit. The Merchants will love you for using your debit card rather then your credit card, it saves them money in the long run.

Its very simple to carry around a debit card instead of paper checks and you don't have to show your drivers license all you have to have is your pin number memorized. As long as you have the money in your bank account the debit card can be used. Make sure to check with your card issuer of any fees involved with using your debit card. The debit card is widely used and you never have to write a check.

Debit vs. Paper Money.

The good thing about debit cards vs. paper money, is if you lose your card you can have it cancelled and re-issued a new one. With paper money if its lost, it is long gone. Using your debit automizes your checking account and statement show exactly where you purchased from.

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