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VeriFone Printer 900 Terminal

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The VeriFone P900 credit card receipt printer, besides meeting high standards of performance, offers a convenient upgrade path, with a move from the P220 or the P250 to the P900 only requiring minor adjustments in their payment applications.

With a raw print speed of 3.7 lps (lines per second) plus a separate paper advance motor and a bidirectional print head for increased efficiency, in addition to a three-line print buffer to allow continued printing while the terminal processes, the VeriFone P900 significantly reduces average transaction time.

A remarkably durable printer, the P900 has a mechanism life of 2.5 million lines and a print head life of 100 million characters, providing years of dependable performance.  The VeriFone high-yield ribbon’s life is 2.0 million characters, minimizing user cost.  Additionally, the paper support arms eliminate the need for a spindle and trouble-free loading is provided by the P900’s automatic paper feed and sensors inform the user of the paper supply status (paper low / paper out).

In summary, the VeriFone P900 receipt printer’s reliability, speed, low cost of operation, and compatibility with VeriFone text and payment applications used for other VeriFone printers make this device a winner for increasing the efficiency of the merchant’s payment processing solution.


VeriFone Printer 900
Verifone's Top-Of-The-Line Printer

Printer 900



Height: 3.51 in (94.5 mm)
Width: 6.08 in (156.0 mm)
Depth: 9.2 in (238.0 mm)
Shipping Weight: 5.75 lbs (2.60 kg)


Operating Temperature: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Operating Humidity: 51% to 90%, non-condensing


Method: 8-pin serial impact
Speed: 3.7 lines per second
Characters: 11 sets: US, UK, French, German, Danish I, Danish II, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian graphics printing capability
Buffer: 3 line
Print Head Life Expectancy: 100 million characters
Mechanism Reliability: 2.5 million lines MCBF (mean cycles between failures)


Type: Cartridge
Color: Dual color (red/black) and single color
Life Expectancy: 2.0 million characters


Size: 3.0 in (76 mm) wide standard roll
Format: 42-column, portrait


Serial: RS-232C compatible
Baud Rate: Switch-selectable
1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 bps


120V AC (90-137), 60 Hz or 220V AC (180-274), 50 Hz


VeriFone Printer 900
Roll Printer

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Printer 900The highest marks for speed and reliability. VeriFone's top-of-the-line roll printer is in a class by itself.

There's one correct answer to the strictest printing performance demands-the PRINTER 900. Positioned at the top of the VeriFone line, the PRINTER 900 is fast, reliable and compatible with VeriFone-developed PRINTER 200 and 250 text applications. As a premium roll printer that can increase merchant productivity, the PRINTER 900 earns the highest marks.

Swifter Transactions
The PRINTER 900 has significantly reduced average transaction time, and there are several reasons why. Its raw print speed is a swift 3.7 lines per second. It has a separate motor for paper advance, plus a print head that prints in both directions for increased efficiency. And it features a three-line buffer that allows printing to continue while the terminal is processing.

As a result, the PRINTER 900 prints a receipt twice as fast as the industry standard. This means quicker transactions, shorter checkout lines, happier customers and higher volume.

An A+ in Reliability and Compatibility
The PRINTER 900 has a print head life of 100 million characters, a significant performance breakthrough. The overall mechanism has a reliability measure of 2.5 million lines. These factors ensure that the PRINTER 900 provides years of reliable performance.

For PRINTER 250 owners seeking to upgrade, the PRINTER 900 is the obvious choice. It is compatible with all VeriFone-developed PRINTER 200 and 250 text appplications. Even applications that work in graphics mode require only minor modifications to run the PRINTER 900. And, of course, the PRINTER 900 connects to any VeriFone terminal that supports printers.

Extra Credit for User-Friendliness
The PRINTER 900 has a number of features that make it remarkably easy to operate and maintain. For example, integrated paper roll support arms help keep the paper in place without need of a spindle, an item that is frequently misplaced. Automatic paper feeding ensures trouble-free loading. And a high-yield ribbon, developed exclusively by VeriFone, has a life of 2.0 million characters-to minimize the cost of ownership. Additionally, paper-low/paper-out sensors inform you of the status of your paper supply.

The PRINTER 900: A Class of Its Own
Think of the PRINTER 900 as the leading performer in the roll printer category. Not everybody needs the extra speed or reliability. But for maximum printing performance in a variety of high transaction volume environments-including restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations-the PRINTER 900 is in a class of its own.


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