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VeriFone Keyboard 100

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VeriFone Keyboard 100
The Best Choice for Smart Card Transactions

VeriFone Keyboard 100
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When There's a Lot or Data to Enter, We Make It Easy

With the Keyboard 100, it's a simple task. This new VeriFone product allows your customers to easily connect a full typewriter keyboard to many of their existing TRANZ® or Omni® terminals. Data is conveniently displayed on the terminal. Add a VeriFone printer, and they have the complete package they need for the most complex operation.

Many of today's new applications have moved beyond the limits of the numeric keypad. A retailer might need a keyboard to capture customer data at the point of sale. A healthcare provider might use it to enter patient encounter information. Other programs involve special cash cards for travelers. Or perhaps a government agency needs to issue a license or permit. For all these operations, a low-cost alphanumeric keyboard has become essential.

Keyboard 100 Can Help Launch New Products
For example, the Keyboard 100 can play a key role when customers purchase cards with stored value. In these complex products, the Keyboard 100 can be used to process the necessary information-ranging from the purchaser's identity to the data needed in case the card is lost or stolen.

Many Applications Need Alpha Entry
As loyalty programs move into the mainstream, the Keyboard 100 is an easy way for merchants to add alpha entry to their VeriFone systems. This upgrade will add to the speed of their data entry and end-of-day reporting.

The Keyboard 100 is also a valuable tool in many other operations that need more than a traditional keypad-for example, the emerging transaction market for health care providers. Many of these professionals are automating the back-office portion of their business. The Keyboard 100 can be an integral part of their various functions, which range from verification of insurance eligibility to the submission of claims.

The keyboard 100 could also serve as a logical component for new programs being developed by government agencies. Useful applications extend from the preparation of benefit cards to the issuance of permits and licenses.

Quality And Convenience
With the Keyboard 100, you get a world-class product. Various international models are available to meet the functional and regulatory requirements of VeriFone and its customers around the world.

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