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VeriFone CDT 8810 Terminal

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VeriFone CDT 8810
Customer Display Terminal

VeriFone CDT 8810
Transparent Touch Screen

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The VeriFone CDT 8810 is a robust customer display terminal that can process debit and credit payments, access smart cards, capture signatures and present electronic forms, line-item transaction detail, banner advertising and other information to your customers.

The CDT 8810 comes standard with advanced features including: 16 Mbytes of memory, 32-bit processing power, a triple-track hybrid card reader, and a¼ VGA color touch-panel display.

The terminal's fast processor and proven development environment enable POS payments, EBT, signature capture, and in-lane targeted communications. The innovative and inviting design is ergonomically proven to be easy for customers to use. And it's durable - a necessary requirement for the demanding environment of the checkout lane. The CDT 8810 is drop tested to concrete and engineered to operate where other terminals cannot. The touch screen is protected by a patented, replaceable screen protection system that limits wear and blocks intrusion of water and dust.

Flexible communication choices include RS-232, RS-485 (IBM Tailgate), PC USB and IBM powered USB. An advanced data router dynamically configures to support multi-port communications between USB, RS-232, Ethernet, Aux RS-232 and optional Ethernet. This allows you to manage multiple devices through one or more communications ports. Optional 10/100 Base T Ethernet supports advanced terminal communications.

The CDT 8810 is EMV and Visa PED compliant with a dedicated security processor, customer PINs are secured with industry standard encryption. Applications are authenticated with public key infrastructure (PKI).


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