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Ingenico En Check Reader 3000

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Ingenico En Check Reader

IVI enCounter 3000 Check Reader, Refurb

Ingenico En Check Reader 3000

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Ingenico 3000 Check ReaderĀ 

The eN-Check 3000 successfully incorporates flexibility, an intuitive design, and value. All in a small footprint! In addition, it minimizes training. The eN-Check 3000 separates card and check processing, eliminating the issues
associated with downloading and maintaining the two applications.
Fast and Easy Electronic Check Processing
• Protecting yourself from bad check losses is as easy as plugging the eN-Check 3000 into your telephone jack and power outlet
• The large bright display and keyboard are incredibly easy-to-use
• The keyboard layout is similar to that of a credit card terminal, making it easy to operate
• The eN-Check 3000 can be wall-mounted or placed on a counter for optimum operator convenience
• Integrated modem provides direct access to electronic check processing services
• Provides record of all transactions for closing and
auditing accuracy Outstanding Value
• The eN-Check 3000 allows you to authorize, verify, guarantee, and electronically process (POP) checks
• It provides a record of all transactions so you can audit your check acceptance to improve closing accuracy
• Direct access to check services are provided, so there are no additional terminals or devices needed
• Can share telephone line and printer with one EFT
Reliable Investment Protection
• The eN-Check 3000 meets the highest level of standards, ensuring optimal reliability, security, and check reading accuracy Operator Display 1 line, 16 character backlit LCD display
Single character LED display indicator
Memory Memory for application and transaction log
MICR Reader MICR reader supports E13B, CMC7 and is available
with auto-discrimination or single font
Modem Integrated 1200bps modem
Ports RS232 port for printer attachment
Application Development Programmed in the BASIC language
Additional Features Motorized check transport
Alpha/numeric membrane keyboard
Real-time clock
Non-slip rubber feet and wall mount holes
Telephone cord included
Downloads via modem or direct connect
download via Zontalk
Dimensions & Weight 3.3" (83.8 mm) x 5.2" (132.1 mm) x 5.7"
(144.8 mm) 1.5 lbs (0.81 kg)
eN-Check 3000
The motorized check transport reads the
check accurately and quickly.
The keyboard and screen layout make the
eN-Check 3000 easy-to-use.

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