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Ingenico en-Check 2500 Terminal

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Ingenico 2500


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Continuing the tradition of providing the highest performance check readers in the industry, Ingenico designed the eN-Check 2500™ with an array of superior features for bank branches, retailers, restaurants and any other business that accepts paper direct. Its ergonomic modifications enhance its appearance and improve its read rate. Its compact size, installation options and versatile operation allow it to be placed virtually anywhere. Its intuitive check staging area and increased processing speed make it the check reader of choice for improving customer service and reducing fraud.


Quiet, efficient, and accurate. Three words that describe the most versatile check reader on the market today. Ingenico has used the experience we gained in becoming the global leader in check reading technology to bring you the eN-Check 2500. Ergonomically Designed for Flexibility and Simplicity

  • The angle of the check entry area and intuitive design enhance ease-of-use
  • Enhanced cable channeling allows the combined power/ communications cable to be routed out the back or side of the eN-Check 2500 Expressly Created for Superior Performance
  • Improved recognition algorithms produce highly-accurate, first-pass reads
  • 7-segment display provides detailed "bad check" information
  • "Hand back/hold away" ensures that exception items are treated differently than accepted items
  • Rapid read times enhance customer service. Specifically Built to Protect Your Investment
  • Modular design allows users to add future options such as check trays for sorting and interface to PC hosts
  • Automatically detects communication interfaces on power up
  • Users can implement check conversion with or without the addition of image capture devices
  • Optional magnetic stripe reader


  • MICR Fonts E13B, CMC7, and CMC0
  • Optional Magstripe Reader Dual or triple track, bi-directional
  • Average Track Speed 21 inches per second (533 mm per second)
  • User Display 7 segment readout and LED with 3 colors
  • Application Software Preloaded
  • Programmability Downloadable via platform, configuration checks
    or PC
  • Field upgradeable firmware via flash ROM
  • Interfaces IBM, NCR, Fujitsu/ICL, Symbol Tech., Verifone and most other POS, PC, wedge and terminal platforms
  • Protocols RS232, RS485, TTL, Keyboard Wedge, OCIA, OCRA, MDL and others
  • Life Expectancy One million reads
  • Voltage 4.9 V DC to 16 V DC (maximum, including ripple)
  • Current 400 mA normal operations (average) 250 mA quiescent
  • External Power Supply None required in most installations when at least 300 mA is available from the POS port
  • Dimensions & Weight 2.78" (70.6 mm) x 3.0" (76.2 mm) x 7.18" (182.4 mm) 13.4 oz (.38 kg)
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