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Hypercom T77 Terminal

High Performance and Adaptability
Shorter processing and settlement times, savings on reduced telephone line costs and user training are benefits the AVS compatible Hypercom T77 offers in specific price to performance ratios. A broad range of display, keypad, telecommunications, connectivity and card reader options enable the T77 to meet the demands of an, ever-changing marketplace. Ideally suited for retail merchants with very quick transaction time requirements and for merchants upgrading their existing authorization-only equipment or for moving to debit applications.

The high performance Hypercom T77 compact terminal supports a multitude of applications including check processing, debit and credit cards, stored-value cards, along with proprietary card processing.

With its multiple printer options, the high-speed printer integrated into the T77 is available in sprocket, thermal, or friction types.  Easily replaceable ribbon, paper, and printer modules eliminate reliability problems.  The Hypercom T77's sprocket printer option produces professional, high quality cardholder receipts by allowing printing of information on preprinted transaction-specific retail vouchers.  The integrated friction printer produces fast report and receipt printing.  Improving productivity and reducing wait time with fast printing makes the T77 a most efficient device.

Simple-to-use and easy to learn, the T77's water-resistant16-key keyboard (10 numeric, 4 function, 2 control) makes training cashiers in its use easy and comfortable.  The backlit, high visibility LCD display and fast authorization and transaction times speeds up sales with professionalism that customers enjoy.  The Hypercom T77 also has a small footprint so your countertop is less cluttered.

Terminal Equipment

Terminal/Printer/PIN Pads



LCD 2 lines x 16 characters


Embossed membrane 16 keys
Water resistant 10 numeric
4 function
2 control


Physical Intrusion detector
Keyboard integrated with main PCB


Mask program, hard keys and passwords loaded from controlling bank in secure PC environment

PIN Encryption:


Key Management:

12 master/session keys & 1 DUKPT

Footprint Dimensions:

6.1 in x 3.37 in x 1.0 in/15.49 cm x 8.56 cm x 2.54 cm


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Get high performance transaction processing in compact terminal and printer:

  • Improves productivity and reduces waiting time with fast printing

  • Takes up less counter space with small footprint

  • Changes paper, ribbons and printer module easily and quickly

  • Trains cashiers with easy-to-learn, simple-to-use 35-key keyboard

  • Offers three printer options

Space-Saving High Performance

The Hypercom® T77 compact, high-performance terminal supports a wide range of applications including credit, debit and stored-value cards, as well as check and proprietary card processing. It is ideal for retail environments requiring very fast transaction times, for upgrading existing authorization-only equipment or for merchants moving to debit applications.

Multiple Printer Options

The integrated, high-speed printer on the T77 is available in thermal, sprocket or friction types. All modules are easily replaceable and eliminate reliability problems. The sprocket printer option allows the T77 to print transaction-specific information inside preprinted, multi-part retail vouchers for high-quality, professional cardholder receipts.

Additional Benefits

Specific price/performance benefits of the T77 include savings on user training, reduced telephone line costs, shorter processing and shorter settlement times. It features a broad range of telecommunications, display, keypad, card reader and system connectivity options that enable it to meet the demands of a sophisticated, ever-changing marketplace.


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