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Hypercom Hybrid Card Controller

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Hypercom Hybrid Card Controller

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Hybrid Card Controller is a card reader for magnetic stripe and chip card transactions. It has been designed to meet the specific requirements of retailers and oil companies which value fast transactions. Together with a Hypercom PIN pad, Hybrid Card Controller provides a versatile solution for Chip and PIN in high volume transaction environments.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Seamless processing of magnetic stripe and chip cards
  • Flexible positioning for faster transactions
  • Secure PIN authentication
  • Versatile communication interfaces

Seamless Processing of Magnetic Stripe and Chip Cards

On card insertion, Hybrid Card Controller reads the chip or magnetic stripe thus ensuring straightforward and consistent handling. This avoids confusion
between different card types and ensures faster transactions.





Flexible Positioning for Faster Transactions

Used with a Hypercom PIN pad, Hybrid Card Controller allows the card reader to be located for easy access by the cardholder or by the cashier. With its compact design and a variety of positioning options, Hybrid Card Controller optimises counter space.

Secure PIN Authentication

Hybrid Card Controller supports the latest electronic cash and EMV specifications as well as the ZKA and PED security requirements for offline and online transactions. Encrypted communication between the PIN pad and Controller ensures complete security for sensitive transaction data.

Versatile Communication Interfaces

Hybrid Card Controller supports connection to cash registers and to all Hypercom integrated payment solutions either in RS 232 or USB mode. With Hybrid Card Controller, new installations and existing systems can be easily upgraded to Chip and PIN transactions.


• 32-bit RISC processor

Memory • 1 MB Flash
• 128 KB RAM
Card Readers • Hybrid chip and magnetic stripe card reader (3 tracks)
• 1 SAM connector
• Plug-in extension for additional 2 SAMs
• Green/red LED
Interfaces • RS 232 for terminal/host/PC connection
• RS 232 for PIN pad connection (optional)
• USB (optional)
• TCP/IP interface (optional)
Positioning • Angle: 80 or 90 degrees
• Base can be fixed to the counter
Dimensions • 140 x 105 x 70 (H x W x L in mm)
Weight • 275 g
Approvals • PED approval, online/offline
• ZKA security approval
• EMV Level 1
• EMV Level 2
Software and services • Software download via terminal
• Automatic configuration on installation