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Hypercom Artema Mobile Terminal

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Hypercom Artema Mobile

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Hypercom’s Artema Mobile is a GSM/GPRS terminal with an integrated, secure PIN pad. For use in truly mobile environments, Artema Mobile provides merchants with a powerful and flexible card payment solution.

Artema Mobile guarantees fast and secure data transmission for all payment types. Additionally, it provides all the standard functions of a mobile phone, such as phone calls, SMS messaging and e-mailing. It also supports multiple accessories, such as a car mounting kit and car charger.

With its robust and ergonomic design, Artema Mobile is ideally suited for mobile merchants, from delivery services, and taxis, to itinerant retailers and tradesmen.

Market Segments

  • Delivery services
  • Taxis
  • Mobile merchants


  • EMV Level 1 & 2
  • Common Criteria
  • PTS
  • TQM



Unsurpassed Flexibility -User-Friendly Features

  • Secure -Guarantees secure card authentication and data transmission
  • Flexible -Operates in all GSM/GPRS networks
  • Fast transactions -Rapid communication set-up reduces online transaction times
  • Ergonomic -Fits easily in your hand

GSM/GPRS Module for Universal Connectivity

  • Guarantees fast and secure card authentication and data transmission
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS module and integrated antenna ensure the terminal can operate in all GSM/GPRS networks
  • In GPRS mode, fast communication set-up reduces online transaction times, and beneficial tariffs

Robust and Ergonomic Design

  • Fits easily into the hand and provides a high degree of resistance to the strains and stress of rigorous daily use
  • Built-in thermal printer ensures quick and silent printing of high quality receipts
  • "Easy Click" paper load and easily accessible battery pack guarantee minimum downtime

Secure PIN Entry

Internal PIN pad meets current payment industry security standards, for debit, credit and e-purse schemes using chip or magnetic stripe technology

Standard Mobile Phone Functions

  • Provides access to all standard mobile phone functions, such as making and receiving calls, SMS messaging and e-mailing
  • Supports multiple accessories, such as headset and car charger

Optional Accessories

  • Vehicle charger
  • Car mounting kit
  • Shoulder bag


Processor • 32-bit RISC processor
Memory • 8 MB Flash
• 2 MB RAM
Card readers • 2-track magnetic stripe reader
(ISO Tracks 2, 3 or Tracks 1, 2)
• ISO 7816/1-3 chip card reader
• 4 SAM connectors
• Optional MMC connectors
Internal PIN pad • PCI PED / ZKA approved
• DES, 3-DES, RSA;
Printer • Easy-Click instant paper loading
• Fast thermal printer: 12+ lines/second
• High-resolution graphics
• Paper roll: 25 mm or 46 mm diameter
Display • 132 x 40 pixel, backlit
• 5 lines x 22 characters
Keypad • 17 keys, backlit
Interfaces • RS-232 interface up to 115 kbps
Battery • 1500 mAh / 7,2 V
Operating temperature • 0°C ... 40°C / 32°F ... 104°F
• Storage: -20°C 60°C / -4°F 140°F
Dimensions • 9.44 in (l) x 3.54 in (w) x 2.55 in (h)
• 240 mm (l) x 90 mm (w) x 65 mm (h
Processor 32-bit RISC with 32-bit memory access
Weight • 1.58 lbs
• 720 g
Accessories • Car power supply
• Car mounting kit
• Spare power pack
• Soft case and strap
• Shoulder bag
Mobile radio networks • Quad band
Protocols • GSM-mode: V.22 bis, V.32, V.110
• GPRS-mode: TCP/IP
Approvals • EMV Level 1/2
• Common Criteria


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