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PC and Modem Order

PC, Modem and DSL Credit Card Processing

Reduces Errors - Eliminates the need to re-enter transaction information at the register and stand-alone terminals, thus reducing the chance of mistakes.

Creates Transaction Database - Stores transaction information inside a database for as long as you want, thus allowing the ability to retrieve relevant information pertaining to your business.

Increases Accountability - Makes it easy to confirm whether you have received the proper amount of credit for each transaction.

Performs Address Verification - Address Verification gives you the assurance that the billing address given by your customer matches that on file with their credit card bank. This eliminates the chance of shipping to someone using a stolen credit card, saving you from a chargeback.

Minimizes Fraud - Check multiple amounts of information, such as zip code and street address (AVS), to confirm legitimacy of the card transaction.

Quicker Transactions - Allows you to send multiple transactions as a batch, thus reducing authorization time to as little as three seconds per transaction.

Eliminates Equipment - Multiple registers can share one modem, and phone line to process transactions, thus saving money.

Lowers Transaction Fees - Processes transactions electronically which is faster and less expensive than paper processing costs.

Faster Billing - Makes it easy to build and process a batch of transactions as often as needed, great for recurring billing.

Network Ready - PC Charge can run on a network so multiple terminals can process transactions simultaneously, improving efficiency.