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Fax Machine Processing

Process Payments by Fax Machine

Anyone who can operate a fax machine can use the service. It's that easy to process your business' credit card transactions with fax machine processing.. And you save money because you don't have to buy or lease POS equipment. The service can be most beneficial for small retail, mail-order or home businesses which have relatively low volume.

Fax Processing Info

On fax orders the customer can send a fax copy to the merchant for an order and then that merchant sends the information over to their processor for authorization and confirmation of transaction.

• Fast. . . Two minutes or less to return a printed confirmation of the transaction.
• Easy . . . Complete a brief fax form by hand and fax it without a cover sheet. The service automatically reads your printing or clear handwriting. It is a fraction of the cost for POS hardware.
• Unlimited transactions. . . Process as many transactions as you like for your business.
• Efficient . . . No need to tie up another phone line for a POS terminal or to process sales by telephone. Doubles the value of your existing fax machine and fax line.
• Customer friendly . . . Duplicate of fax form is a customer receipt.
• Competitive discount rates and fees. (Call Today)