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Credit Card Terminals

We can provide you with best credit card terminals available in the market today. If you are looking for small business, restaurant, trade shows or any type of business you have.

POS Terminal Info

How does the processor receive funds from a credit card terminal?

The card is swiped on either a pos terminal or virtual terminal gateway through the network. The terminal connects with the processors' computer and they recognize each other which verifies to run the transaction. The data is verified which is card number, date, card number and amount. Then the processor chooses which route it needs to go to either Visa or MasterCard, which gives you the authentication in a matter of seconds. Then the information is logged in the processors' computer and then transmitted back to the terminal, in which it then prints a receipt to the customer. Then from the logged information on the processors' database reports are generated and sent to the merchant. Then the processor batches that information and in a few days usually it is electronically deposited to the merchant account.

We have the best selection of Credit Card Terminals and prices. Here is some of the major Credit Card Terminal Companies in the United States and around the World.

Lipman (Nurit)

Terminal Statistics (Quick Facts)

Last year the amount of terminals that were shipped in the U.S. were Over 1.5 million:

1. Verifone - Over 584,000 POS Terminals
2. Hypercom - Over 517,000 POS Terminals
3. Ingenico - Over 190,000 POS Terminals
4. Lipman - Over 166,000 POS Terminals
5. Thales - Over 44,000 POS Terminals

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Note: We sell and support the most popular POS Terminals for most types of businesses.

Credit Card Payment Terminals

InfoMerchant Supports the Most Popular Terminals

Infomerchant is the smart choice for worry-free electronic processing because of a commitment to provide merchants with the latest in Point-of-Sale (POS) technology and equipment. InfoMerchants pricing is very competitive and the best in the world of POS terminals. You can either buy the system outright for a one-time purchase price or lease your equipment over a two year period with a final buy-out payment.

Discount Terminals

Verifone Omni 3200

Verifone 460 Payment Terminal

Verifone Tranz 420

Verifone Tranz 330 & 380

POS Terminal and PC Software

If you already have POS equipment we can offer to purchase your old equipment as part trade fore service and a new terminal.

Call for prices! We offer the best POS terminal pricing around!

For storefront businesses, accepting credit cards (or debit cards) can be most efficient with a point-of-sale terminal. The terminals allow you to track credit card and debit card sales a provide a terminal report.

Print receipts for customers or bookkeeping and more.

Learn how to accept Credit, Debit, Electronic Check Conversion on a Single Terminal.

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