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CardCops and Identity Theft

Card Cops

Who has been a victim to Identity Theft?

Cardcops - Check your credit card here for free.One third of all people in the United States either know someone or have themselves been a victim of identity theft.

An identity thief cashes in on his score by then victimizing merchants, especially those online where the merchant cannot ask to see the credit card or Identification. The result is that each year, online merchants lose tens (or even 100's) of millions in lost product, services, and transaction fees.

Although the transmission of a consumer's online payment or information submission is typically encrypted, and thereby safe from illegal interception, the individuals vital personal data can be obtained by a hacker who has lifted the individuals identity and payment information from a vulnerable database or by an ID thief who has purchased the individuals financial information from a hacker or unscrupulous employee with access to the individual's data.

Consumers are becoming victims to identity theft at ever increasing rates. Merchants experience large financial losses, including their product or service and transaction fees.

CardCops informs individual consumers that their identity has been compromised and is in jeopardy of being stolen AND enables online merchants to sell products and services safer, with fewer instances of fraud, reducing loss of product or services, and reducing chargebacks and related fees to the merchant by detecting fraud before it occurs and notifying consumers, merchants, and their banks of compromised payment and personally identifiable information before it is used in a fraudulent action.

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