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Batch Processing

Online Batch Services

Batch File Processing
If you are a mail order, telephone order or Direct Marketing Account (DMA), you need to have transactions authorized and money deposited in an efficient manner our online Batch service is a "wholesale payment" processing system, whereby you can transmit hundreds of thousands of payments to be processed.

In seconds, you can have your credit card transactions quickly authorized and deposited through a secure Internet connection.

Batch Processing Info

If you take in a high number of sales and you check your statement you will more than likely see only one deposit, and the fees have been deducted from your sales from the processor. The merchant at the end of the day batches the funds and sends it electronically through a POS terminal to the processor.

How It Works
Using Microsoft Excel, Access or any other program that can create a "flat file" of data. The transactions are processed immediately, with reporting available virtually immediately to provide data on each transaction.

Recurring Transactions
It's also also useful if you have recurring transactions, such as monthly subscription fees. Each month you can upload a file containing all of your customers' transaction information to bill your customers for another month.

note: You don't need to upload a batch if you just have a few transactions, since you can just enter them in manually using the Virtual Terminal.

Availability of Funds
Funds are available in your account at the sponsoring bank account two business days after date of receipt of the file.

Discount rates are determined by your business, fulfillment process and other factors.

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