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Accept Check Payments

Check Processing ServicesInfo FAQ - Check Processing (InfoMerchant's Most Popular Service)

No More High Risk ... Lower Transaction Costs...Fees Less than Credit Cards

Checks remain popular with consumers. Using checks is still one of the most efficient ways to spend your money today. There are risks in obtaining any transaction but with check guarantee its as safe as it gets.

Check Processing Info

Only banks could debit someone's checking account in the beginning. At first the checks were only paper and the current systems have become electronically transferred. They have also built interfaces in their internal system that allows processors to submit transactions that would be used with a checking account. This network is different from Visa. As long as the information is valid and the checking system is in place then the customer can receive the funds. If you are taking checks online you can do it via pc software or credit card terminals as well. This would be a batch that would be different then accepting Visa or MasterCard and then if there are any returned checks or issues the processor can pay you back immediately or can take a few days.

Our Check Processing System allows:

Using Checks costs less then using credit cards.
It protects you from bounced checks.
It automatically deducts funds from your account.

Quick Representment Service:


You're not bothered with collection issues – focus on your core business instead. Your bank mails us all your returned checks. We re-present them up to two times electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

The second re-presentment is on the 1st or 16th of the month to increase success rates. You are paid 100% of the face amount of the check upon collection. Funds are electronically credited to your account twice a month.


-No charge to you!
-Automatic reimbursement.
-Payday re-presentment improves chance of collection.
-Your bank forwards your returned items directly to our processing center.
-Customer service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.
-Doesn't cost you anything.
-Stops you for embarrassment from bounced checks.

Check Collections:

-Receive Check Collection Letters.
-Check Images
-Licensed in all 50 States.

Check Guarantee:

Does your company accept a large number of checks? Your ability to protect, deposit, verify and guarantee the check received by a customer has just become easier.

Check Guarantee has state of the art check Authorization, Guarantee, and Internet Check acceptance that is suited for your company. Although credits card usage is becoming the preferred method of payment, Checks at the current time, still lead the pack. Programs created below are fully compatible with POS terminals and software and can be integrated into your merchant agreement.

Check Conversion:

-Faster check processing.
-Bank consolidation: funds can be centralized, while converted at each retail location.
-Checks are electronically deposited in your account. No more trips to the bank. No more check deposit slips to complete.
-Quick detection of check fraud reduces your exposure to the intentional bad check writer.
-Eliminates lost or stolen checks before deposit.
-Check verification at no additional cost.
-Immediate reports through each point-of-sale terminal.

Check Verification:

Just use the routing and checking account number found on the check itself for an authorization. Your cost is minimal when using checks! Any returned check will be forwarded to a collections department and you will receive 100% of the check amount upon collection of funds from the bad check writer if you send the check to the collections department within 30 days. Since the bad check writer will be put on the "black" list until he pays, he has a good reason to pay.

Benefits of Authorization:

-Very quick and easy when used with a check reader (takes only seconds)
-No discount fee charged to Merchant
-Bad check are automatically forwarded to collection agency (no Merchant involvement)
-Merchant is reimbursed 100% of check upon successful collection; no additional fees!


* Initial discount rate determined by industry. Adjustable up or down based on actual check experience.

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