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Check Verification

Check Verification Services

Check Verification System:
Our Check Verification system searches a nationwide database of over 76 million checking accounts and alerts you if your customer has written bad checks. The service also protects you from returned checks by identifying consumers who have recently been conducting an unusual level of check-writing activity.


Check Verification Info

Checks can be verified with a database of people who write checks, through a system that is tied into a big database of check writing people in stores and retail services. It is verified by driver's license or checking account number. If you have a bad transaction it is added to the database. The information is stored through a verification check-writing database of customers who use checks. It lessons the risk of having bad check writing. The more sophisticated systems can look at how many checks you have written in the course of the month, weekly, daily. For example: If you are writing checks day after day then a red flag might come up against that. There are scientific models in place that can look for obvious things to verify foul play and risk.


• System checks for bad or fraudulent checks.
• fraud prevention criteria.
• Easy to use.


Identifies the checking account (accounts with unpaid returned checks).

Descriptive responses right on your point-of-sale terminal explain problems or warnings, if any.

High check volume is flagged to identify potential fraud accounts (data indicating unusual/suspicious use of account).


What is Check Verification?

Check verification is a low-cost service that verifies checks you might accept from a customer. It allows the merchant to know if the customer has any bad checks that have been written. The check is run through a POS Terminal or Check Reader and then its verified. This system of checking is usually done within seconds and poses no wait time for the Merchant at all. Real time verification is important to both the retailer and customer and verification allows quicker and safe transactions.

Any returned check will be forwarded to a collections department and you will receive 100% of the check amount upon collection of funds from the bad check writer if you send the check to the collections department within 30 days. Since the bad check writer will be put on the "black" list until he pays, he has a good reason to pay.

Benefits of Authorization
• Very quick and easy when used with a check reader
• No discount fee charged to Merchant
• Bad checks are automatically forwarded to collection agency (no Merchant involvement)
• Merchant is reimbursed 100% of check upon successful collection; no additional fees!


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