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Check Guarantee

Check Guarantee Services

InfoMerchant's Check Guarantee Services virtually eliminates the risk of accepting checks. With more than 16 million checks presented each year at retail locations it is important to give your customers their choice of payment. In today's economy. having a check guarantee program is an important means of minimizing risk.

Check Guarantee Info

Check Guarantee is a form of insurance where the processor takes a certain percentage against the checks that are being processed. It's like an insurance policy against checks that you are receiving.

We know that most companies today accept checks today and will in the future to come. The ability to protect, deposit, verify and guarantee the check received by a customer has just become easier. Check Guarantee has state of the art check Authorization, Guarantee, and Internet Check acceptance that is suited for your company. Although credit card usage is becoming the preferred method of payment, Checks at the current time, still lead the pack. Programs created below are fully compatible with POS terminals and software and can be integrated into your merchant agreement.

We have some of the most suited Check Guarantee Services for your business today.

* Top approvals in the industry
* Terminal, phone and Internet approval systems
* 24/7 Customer Service
* Simple claim plans and submittal
* Great Authorization Solutions
* We can accept all U.S. territories and Canada
* We can cover anyone or direct you to someone who can.
* Quick Approval on business checks


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