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Virtual Terminal Payments

Virtual Terminal Check Payments

How Does a Virtual Terminal Work?

A Virtual Terminal allows you to manually process credit card and check transactions from any computer with an Internet connection in the world. You simply login to a secure website with a login and password and you are able to charge cards, perform authorizations, and even process credits. It is ideal for businesses who are accepting credit cards over the phone, via email or fax.

Virtual Terminal Payments - Virtual Terminal Payments is the best way for merchants who manually enter credit card transactions via the computer or laptop and electronic check transactions for mail order/telephone orders as well. This is called (MOTO) sales.

In addition, you have complete online reporting of all your transactions and orders.

Uses for a Virtual terminal:

-Accepting credit card payments by phone, fax or email!
-Mail order businesses
-Call center operations
-Insurance companies
-Newspapers and magazines
-Trade Shows
-Carpet Cleaning Businesses
-Utility companies
-Service companies

With an Online Virtual Terminal You Can:

-manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone order sales.

-refund money to a customer's credit card.

-automatically bill customers for recurring charges.

-check the status of transactions, and run a variety of reports.

-capture previously authorized transaction.