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Merchant Account Application Instructions

Different businesses need different solutions and a one stop payment processing portal is what you need to make that decision as easy as 1-2-3. There are several different business structures and each situation accepts a different payment model. We have configured a solution that makes this process easy. A retail merchant account or (Brick and Mortar) business must have a POS system in place who visually takes the credit card which allows for different rates then an online type merchant account. An online business accepting credit cards can use a payment gateway and Virtual terminal for your processing solutions. We have all the solutions to all businesses in the world.

If you are a looking for Wireless Processing, Canadian Merchant Account, International Merchant Account or anything that has to do with accepting payments via online or retail we can help. If you need a quick answer please don�t hesitate to hit out Contact Us button or call us toll free for a quick call back or if you have a question that are friendly staff can assist you with.

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1. Apply Online (A real time online application that shows you rates and prices to get you started quickly)
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3. Toll Free Number: Our friendly staff ready to help answer your questions and get you on the right step to processing credit cards and checks.

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The unique decision tree application allows you to follow a series of steps and questionnaire fill outs while providing you real time access to prices and rates:

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Retail Merchant Accounts

Retail merchant accounts are for those merchants who have a physical store front or for those merchants who will be in a face to face environment with their customers and will be able to accept card present transactions. This is the least expensive type of credit card processing as it is the least risky due to the fact that the card is physically present at the time of the transaction. With retail merchant accounts, the merchant usually purchases a credit card terminal or point of sale system where the card is either swiped or keyed and the system will automatically batch out and transmit data to the merchant account provider at the end of every business day. Retail merchant accounts are fairly easy to set-up and only require a merchant account application, copy of drivers license, copy of void check for business account and copy of business license.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

High Risk - A high risk merchant is usually defined by one of the following: type of industry, credit history, processing history, average ticket, monthly processing volume, location of business. If a merchant is defined as being high risk, it may be more expensive for a merchant account to be placed due to the processing bank that the merchant is placed with. For some high risk industries, Visa/MasterCard requires that the merchant pay a $2000 high risk registration fee. Business that is considered high risk include adult content, magazine subscriptions, streaming or downloadable content, gaming, dating services, travel and travel related services, etc.

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Internet Merchant Accounts

Online or Internet Merchant Accounts - This gives a merchant who has an internet business the ability to accept credit cards via their internet website or shopping cart. Accepting credit cards online allows a customer to enter their credit card information from the comfort of their home computer and the data is collected securely and passed through a payment gateway into the internet merchant account and then deposited into the merchant's business bank account. The rates associated with an internet merchant account vs. a retail merchant account are slightly higher due to the not-card-present environment. The interchange rates charged by Visa/MasterCard are higher for the this reason. Application requirements include application, copy of void check for business account, copy of drivers license, and business license.

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Offshore Merchant Accounts

Offshore merchant account - Typically an offshore merchant account is a term used to reference a merchant account that is obtained by a merchant that falls outside of underwriting criteria that is acceptable by domestic banks. These criteria may be type of business, chargeback ratio, terminated merchant file listing, adverse history with Visa/MasterCard, etc. If a merchant is seeking an offshore merchant account, there are usually high fees, large reserves and large amounts of documentation required. We would need to do a review of whether the business would be acceptable to our offshore banks through a series of q & a with the merchant.

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International Merchant Accounts

International merchant accounts - Any business that has ownership in a country other than the U.S., should purchase an international merchant account. We offer several different options for international merchants. Underwriting criteria for international merchant accounts would include length of time in business, processing history (if applicable), type of business, average ticket, monthly processing volume, financial stability of the merchant, personal credit of ownership, and various other factors. The merchant would need to submit the application, proof of identity, previous processing history, previous bank statements, and additional documentation requested by the underwriter at the time of application.

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Canadian Merchant Accounts

Canadian merchant accounts are available for those merchants that are located in Canada. We are able to only place internet merchant accounts in Canada at this time, no retail accounts. The application requirements for Canadian merchants are application, copy of drivers license, copy of void check for business account and copy of business license. The rates will be 2.99% for Visa/MasterCard and are only slightly higher than US accounts. The payment gateway offered by Fast Transact is also currently used by Canadian merchants. Canadian merchants have the choice to settle in either Canadian or US dollars.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing

Wireless processing is available for retail merchants who wish to have the flexibility and portability of a wireless terminal. There are several wireless terminals available that give you the ability to accept all forms of credit cards and you are charged only a small wireless access fee for the transaction in addition to your regular retail merchant account fees. 

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Check Processing

Check processing includes check services (check guarantee, check verification, check conversion, check representment, check collection, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) check processing). 

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