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Switching Merchant Account Providers

Switching Merchant Accounts

InfoMerchant can show you the benefits of switching to a different provider for your merchant account

(Switching processors is easier then you think.)

Are you an Internet merchant who is looking for a new credit card processing service? Our turn-key solutions make it fast, easy, and convenient to switch from your current processor. We also have options for you to switch from your current processor and keep your existing gateway . . . or keep your current processor and switch to our gateway. If you are already processing, we will even consider in assisting you with any cancellation fees when you switch over to us. You should be aware of your current contract and agreement with your current processor because of termination fees that exist. We can assist in working out those issues with you and find a solution to your problem.

The setup of your merchant account or payment gateway is typically within 24 hours of approval from our in-house Underwriting Department. If you already have processing equipment, we will reprogram it via your telephone line. If you need new equipment, we program it for your specific needs before shipping to you. All deployment and/or equipment reprogramming is done at no charge to you. As soon as your merchant account and/or equipment are set up, you are ready to accept credit card transactions! Also, our main objective is to best conform a solution to help understanding your needs as a merchant. We know that every merchant is different and base that criteria in formalizing a plan that works.

Don't fall for merchant account scams

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