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Check Verification Rates & Fees

Check Verification Prices

  • Discount Rate: None
  • Setup Fee: $99.00
  • Transaction Fee: $19.95*
  • Verification Fee: None
  • Return Check Fee: Free

What is Check Verification?

Check verification is a low-cost service that verifies checks you might accept from a customer. It allows the merchant to know if the customer has any bad checks that have been written. The check is run through a POS Terminal or Check Reader and then its verified. This system of checking is usually done within seconds and poses no wait time for the Merchant at all. Real time verification is important to both the retailer and customer and verification allows quicker and safe transactions.

Why InfoMerchant/Fasttransact?

Fasttransact provides innovative and integrated merchant account services, providing the terminal management, the Internet payment gateway, the customer support, the transaction processing for credit card, debit card and check related services. Fasttransact also offers and provides online or offline reporting services, consolidating the billing of services. With Fasttransact, merchants do not need to go somewhere else to get what they need. We also handle International Merchant Accounts, Offshore Merchant Accounts, High Risk and basically any solution deemed possible.



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