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VeriFone Tranz 380X2 Terminal

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The VeriFone Tranz 380x2 credit card terminal, with its two memory segments designed to run two applications independently, allows one device to do the work of two transaction terminals.  Its dual memory allows a user, for instance, to run credit card authorization in one segment and another application, for instance inventory-tracking, time-and-attendance, or frequent-shopper, in the other.  Available in two configurations, 128 Kb and 256 Kb of memory, the Tranz 380x2 has sufficient space to allow the user to wait for business day’s end or a shift’s end for reconciliation and transmission of transaction data.

Applications supported by the Tranz 380x2 include most Tranz 330 and Tranz 380 software, such as preauthorization for hotels, verification of healthcare insurance benefits, and restaurant tip reporting.  Additionally, applications can be quickly created, added, or updated by use of Verifone’s TCL (terminal control language), which has been especially designed for transaction processing.  TCL has been used to write hundreds of application for the VeriFone Tranz systems.

Besides helping to keep checkout lines in convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, and similar high-traffic areas by allowing quick user switching from one application to another and by collecting information from track 1 and track 2 of a magnetic-stripe card with one swipe, thus enabling the gathering of data for personalizing receipts and for running specializing programs such as frequent-shopper applications.

Downloads for the VeriFone Tranz 380x2, using VeriFone’s ZONTALK 2000, an advanced download program, can be done using the telephone line used for transaction processing, thus requiring no additional equipment at the terminal site.

Supporting an impressive range of VerFone peripherals, such as printers, check readers, and PIN pads, the Tranz 380x2 prompts the user through each transaction step and includes security and fraud control features required in bank card transaction environments.


VeriFone Tranz 380X2
Secure and Easy to Use
VeriFone Tranz 380X2, 256K TK1/2 Terminal, Refurb



Length: 6.0 in (152.4 mm)
Width: 5.6 in (142.2 mm)
Depth: 1.5 in (38.1 mm)
Weight: 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg)


Z180 CPU


64K EPROM and 64K battery-backed RAM 128K battery-backed RAM


16-character (alphanumeric) vacuum fluorescent display, including decimal point and comma

Magnetic Card Reader:

Track 1/track 2 magnetic card reader. Track 2/track 3 card reader available as an option

Peripheral Ports:

RS-232 serial port for a slip, roll or sprocket printer


Voltage Configurations 120VAC, 60 Hz


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With the TRANZ 380 x2, you can offer your customers a single transaction terminal that does the work of two. So they can take advantage of an additional application without purchasing another terminal or paying for the development of special integrated software.

Independent memory segments allow a user to run a credit card authorization application in one segment and a second application in the other. It could be a debit program-or a frequent-shopper, time-and-attendance or inventory-tracking application.

Fast and efficient, the TRANZ 380 x2 system keeps checkout lines moving in restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and other high-traffic areas. It allows users to switch from one software application to another in just a few seconds. And it collects information from both track 1 and track 2 of a magnetic-stripe card in a single swipe-allowing you to gather the data you need to personalize receipts and run frequent-shopper and other specialized programs.

Product Highlights

  • Doubles the capability of an ordinary terminal, with two independent memory segments ready to run two distinct applications
  • Supports all major credit, debit and private-label cards
  • Offers low-cost credit card authorization, electronic funds transfer, check guarantee and data capture for a variety of retail applications
  • Handles business applications that simplify recordkeeping and maximize profits
  • Supports most TRANZ 330 and TRANZ 380 software applications
  • Performs fast batch processing, audit trail searches and account range selection
  • Collects information from track 1 and track 2 of a magnetic-stripe card in a single card swipe
  • Simplifies creating and updating application programs with the VeriFone terminal control language (TCL)
  • Allows fast application downloads and file transfers through ZONTALK 2000, VeriFone's advanced download program
  • Supports VeriFone printers, PIN pads, check readers and other peripheral products
  • Prompts you through each step of a typical transaction with concise messages on an easy-to-read display
  • Includes security and fraud control features often required in bankcard environments


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