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VeriFone Printer 950 Terminal

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VeriFone Printer 950
Prints up to 4 high-quality receipts

Printer 950

VeriFone Printer 950
Prints in Multiple Colors

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Printer 950VeriFone's sprocket printer offers something extra-swiftly produced graphical characters and logos for a polished look and a competitive advantage.

Where speed, performance and economy are top priorities, the PRINTER 950 from VeriFone offers extra value. It prints up to four receipts at a time. And swiftly produces graphical character languages, logos and other customized information.

The PRINTER 950 is ideal for restaurants, retailers and others that value the competitive advantage of generating high-quality receipts.

Reinforce Your Image, Build Your Business
A sprocket printer with graphical capabilities, the PRINTER 950 moves quickly to reinforce your image and build customer awareness. First, by taking preprinted forms, the PRINTER 950 lets you give your customers high-quality receipts-even four-part receipts in multiple colors. Because preprinted forms improve service, printing time is reduced and transaction times are shorter. 

Second, this printer speaks your language. With 6 Kbytes of RAM reserved for downloadable fonts, the PRINTER 950 allows your receipts to feature graphical characters-you can even download a different font for each printer. Using the font of your choice, you can print receipts for your customers in their own language. And since the PRINTER 950 also stores custom-designed logos, you can print your logo and enhance your name recognition.

Quick and Convenient
The PRINTER 950 has a large 2-Kbyte print buffer for quick throughput. It's easy to use, too, offering convenient ribbon access plus both manual and auto-feed settings for precise, easy paper loading. You can verify the status of your paper supply through paper-low/paper-out sensors. And, for peace of mind, there's a battery backup that prevents the loss of your fonts in the event of a power failure.

Long-Lasting VeriFone Design
From print head to ribbon, the PRINTER 950 is an advance in sprocket printer reliability. Print head life is 100 million characters-up to three times the longevity of comparable printers. The reliability of the VeriFone-designed mechanism is 2.5 million lines MCBF and the ribbon has a yield of 2.0 million characters. Additionally, this long-lasting printer is fully compatible with all VeriFone PRINTER 700 applications; both printers even use the same 76-mm sprocket paper, making upgrades easy.


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