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VeriFone Printer 355 Terminal

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VeriFone Printer 355
Fast, Quiet and Reliable

Printer 355

VeriFone Printer 355
One, Two or Three Part Receipts

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Printer 355Fast. Quiet. Reliable. It's everything you want in a receipt printer.

Printing at a rapid 12.5 lines per second, the VeriFone PRINTER 355 gives you crisp, clean two-part receipts in 5.1 seconds. That's about four times faster than a standard impact printer. It's also quiet and compact-occupying only a few inches of valuable counter space.

Silent Operation
A reliable, high-quality thermal printer, the PRINTER 355 works silently alongside your VeriFone payment terminal, creating one-, two- or three-part receipts for sales and service. It's easy to use, easy to maintain and lasts for years. All of which make the PRINTER 355 a cost-effective choice.

One of the Family
As part of the VeriFone family, the PRINTER 355 supports VeriFone TRANZ® and Omni® systems-including the Omni 392, Omni 395 and Omni 396 desktop terminals and the Omni 1250 smart card system. You can use it with applications for your PRINTER 250, PrintPak™ 300 or PRINTER 900. What's more, the PRINTER 355 uses standard VeriFone cables, so it simplifies inventory control.

No Ribbons, Inks or Toners
With the PRINTER 355, you get clean, convenient operation.There are no messy inks or toners-which always seem to run out at the worst possible times. No ribbons that expire after a certain number of keystrokes.

The printer gives you a crisp, sharp image-receipt after receipt. Because it uses thermal technology, there's never a problem with faint or uneven printing. Thermal printers also don't generate dust or lint, which can clog rollers.

Additionally, the PRINTER 355 has a stainless-steel tear bar that produces even edges for 100,000 receipts or more. And thanks to an auto-feed feature, paper loading is always easy.

The PRINTER 355 thermal printer is being released worldwide. Contact your VeriFone sales representative for price and availability.


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