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VeriFone PINpad 2000 Terminal

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VeriFone PINpad 2000
Debit Card Security

PinPad 2000

VeriFone PINpad 2000
Maximum Protection

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PinPad 2000Supporting both Master/Session and DUKPT key management methods-one at a time or simultaneously-the PINpad 2000 provides comprehensive security for debit card transactions.

An integral part of the PIN encryption process, effective key management is essential to protecting the customer's PIN against intrusion or corruption. That's why VeriFone designed the PINpad 2000 to take advantage of both Master/Session and DUKPT (derived unique key per transaction) key management methods.

Used worldwide, the Master/Session method employs master keys and working "session" keys to ensure the integrity of debit card transactions. The DUKPT key management method adds an extra level of security by deriving a unique key for every debit transaction. This frees processors from maintaining extensive key records on each merchant, streamlining deployment and inventory management.

Because the PINpad 2000 supports both methods, users needn't purchase new hardware if their key management requirements change. The PINpad 2000 also supports MAC (Message Authentication Code), a technique that protects the debit transaction data from accidental or fraudulent tampering during its transfer to the host. And the PINpad 2000 is compatible with VeriFone's PINpad 201 and 301 applications, saving the expense of application upgrades.

Easy Operation
The PINpad 2000 encourages debit card use. Consumers slide their own cards through its built-in magnetic-stripe reader when making a purchase, so they feel more in control of the transaction.

They also feel more confident-the correct amount is clearly presented on the easy-to-read display, and audio and visual signs tell them when an entry is accepted. What's more, consumers take comfort in knowing that they're entering their PINs in complete confidentiality.

Efficient Deployment
For efficient deployment and cost savings, you can use VeriFone's MKIXOR™ software to inject the PINpad 2000 for Master/Session or DUKPT key management. If both key types have been injected, you can easily reset the PINpad 2000 on site when you switch from one method of key management to another.


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