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VeriFone Omni 3600 Terminal

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VeriFone Omni 3600
Portable Mobile Terminal

Omni 3600

VeriFone Omni 3600
For merchants on the move

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Omni 3600VeriFone's Omni 3600 is the portable payment terminal you've been waiting for. Packed with power and performance, Omni 3600 's powerful multi-application environment transforms this portable terminal into a multi-purpose device that places a wide range of benefits and capabilities -like gift card, loyalty, age verification, terminal management tools and much more, right in the palm of your hand.

The Omni 3600 trims transaction times from card swipe to printing the receipt with a powerful 32-bit processor, multi-tasking capabilities and a continuous, virtual link with processors that eliminates dial-up delays.

With the Omni 3600, merchants, vendors, mobile service providers and salespeople can open extra lanes or accept card-based payments virtually anytime, anywhere-without the inconvenience of finding power lines or the expense of installing phone lines.

The ergonomic, lightweight, easy-to-use portable utilizes VeriFone's global payment platform, which includes VeriFone's Verix operating environment to support and run multiple applications on a single device. Verix allows information to be shared securely between applications, when appropriate, and dynamically allocates memory to optimize space for additional applications.

The terminal also comes with VeriFone's VeriShield security architecture, which meets the latest specifications for PIN-entry devices (PED) and prevents the execution of unauthorized software on Omni 3600 terminals.

In addition, like VeriFone's other Verix-based terminals, the Omni 3600 shares the same SoftPay payment software to support debit, credit and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions with customizable options to meet merchant's varying needs.


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