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VeriFone Omni 3210 Terminal

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VeriFone Omni 3210
Runs PIN Based Transactions

Omni 3210


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VeriFone OMNI 3200 payment Terminal & Integrated Printer

An EASY-TO-USE, affordable payment terminal-with INTEGRATED printer and
PINPAD-to handle a FULL RANGE of transactions

VeriFone Omni 3210 Payment Terminal & Integrated Printer 800-782-9376
A bestseller just got better. The VeriFone Omni 3210 builds on the unprecedented success of VeriFone's Omni 3200-the world's fastest-selling payment terminal- by adding an internal PINpad for debit, EBT, and other PIN-based transactions.

The Omni 3210 is simply remarkable and remarkably simple. Simple to use-with a large graphical display, intuitive ATM-style keypad, extra-size menu prompts, and SoftPay software, your help desk. Simple to install-with a stylish, which minimize training and reduce calls to compact design that saves space and requires no separate printer or peripherals to clutter the countertop. Simple to own-featuring VeriFone's acclaimed reliability, minimal moving parts, and a covered paper path for less downtime and fewer service calls.

The terminal also incorporates tamper-resistant capabilities to limit unauthorized access to the case, and sophisticated security protections that safeguard customer PINs and improve merchant retention. Finally, the Omni 3210 is easy on a merchant's budget and comes with VeriFone's exclusive five-year terminal/one-year printer and swivel stand warranty-making it simple to sell!

Features and Benefits

  • Internal PINpad provides built-in support of debit and electronic benefits transfer (EBT), in addition to credit and other transactions.

  • Tamper-resistant features protect terminal's inner workings.

  • Master/Session, DUKPT, and Triple DES key-management schemes safeguard user PINs.

  • Optional swivel stand enables terminal to act as both a clerk-facing and a customer-entry device.

  • Integrated, high-speed, graphics-capable thermal printer is quick and quiet, producing receipts and reports at up to 12.5 lines per second.

  • Covered paper path minimizes jamming.

  • Large 8 x 21 (128 x 64 pixels) backlit display is easy to read under various lighting conditions. Graphical support and split-screen capabilities allow text and images to be run side by side.

  • Triple-track card reader accepts all magnetic-stripe cards, including drivers' licenses.

  • Powered by VeriFone's SoftPay software, a versatile payment application that accommodates a broad spectrum of merchant requirements.

  • Flash memory supports remote downloading of applications and operating system software.
    Two telco ports eliminate the expense of a second phone line.

  • Two RS-232 ports provide connections for optional peripherals such as a check reader, smart card reader, bar-code wand, or external PINpad.

  • Five-year terminal/one-year printer and swivel stand warranty is testimony to the Omni 3210 terminal's reliability, and ensures an outstanding long-term return on investment.

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