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VeriFone Omni 2250 Terminal

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VeriFone Omni 2250
Smart Card Terminal

Omni 2250

VeriFone Omni 2250
For Complex Applications

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Omni 2250There's a growing trend toward merchants needing larger and more complex applications, such as stored value card, shopper loyalty and other programs. In many cases, existing terminals lack the memory and processing power to handle these applications. To meet your customers' current needs and prepare them for the future, we've created the Omni® 2250 terminal, the first in our new generation of Omni 2000 products.

The Omni 2250 has the memory, processing power and speed to handle multiple, complex applications. It's available with up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory and 2 Mbytes of RAM. And it has a new operating system that can handle multiple secure applications.

Simplifies Programming
Not all of your customers will need the Omni 2250 terminal's full capabilities immediately. That's why we've created a new development environment that simplifies programming and makes taking on new applications or upgrading existing ones fast and easy. Built-in precoded modules simplify design work and allow you to create smaller, more efficient applications.

Thanks to this feature, your customers need only buy what they can use today-and add smart card reader/writers or other peripherals when their business expands.

Easy Downloads, Extra Security
The Omni 2250 operating system includes a "firewall" in both the hardware and the software, preventing applications from interfering with one another. And it shortens the application certification process because you don't have to recertify existing applications when you download a new one. This is especially important when it's time to add smart card capability.

Making changes to applications is also easier, because the Omni 2250 accepts partial downloads. Other terminals require that you reload the entire application when you change it.

Handles Multiple Merchant Smart Cards
The Omni 2250 multiple security access module (SAM) handles up to four merchant smart cards. So a customer with an attached VeriFone SC™ smart card reader/writer can add or switch card schemes as needed. The new standard development tools make it easy for customers to get smart card applications up and running-and loading new applications or upgrading existing ones can be done remotely through the Flash memory.

High-Quality Receipts and Reports
The Omni 2250 comes with an optional snap-in thermal printer. No cables are required. And the small footprint saves valuable counter space. What's more, thermal printing is extremely fast and efficient. The printer has fewer moving parts. It's more reliable-and you can forget about ribbons forever.

Programmable Keys, Bright Display
With up to eight programmable keys, the Omni 2250 simplifies data entry and cuts down on errors. Users can perform many transactions with a single keystroke. And, as an option, four keys can be screen-addressable, interacting with the terminal's display to lead users through transactions.

The backlit screen is easy to read in dim or bright light and displays up to eight lines of information. It can be used for logos and other graphics (including graphic languages like Chinese, Japanese and Arabic), and it supports ten international character sets.


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