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VeriFone Nurit- 8210 Terminal

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VeriFone Nurit 8210
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Adds electronic payment capabilities to existing ECRs. Accepts a variety of mag-stripe and EMV smart card transactions. Protects transactions with the latest security - including PCI PED approval. Easy to hand to consumers for PIN entry.


The NURIT 8210 is a sophisticated, PCI PED approved "hand-over" payment solution offering merchants and cardholders added convenience for EMV and other PIN-based transactions. An ideal solution for EMV migration, the NURIT 8210 incorporates advanced payment technologies in a stylish design. It offers convenience and efficiency to merchants and cardholders conducting EMV and other PIN-based transactions.

This two-piece device is comprised of an exceptionally secure customer interface unit with an internal PIN pad, integrated smart card and magnetic stripe reader and a base unit that includes a quiet, easy-load printer and communications and connectivity ports.


With dual processors (one in each unit) and large RAM and Flash to support multiple applications, the NURIT 8210 is a fast and powerful device. Both a built-in speaker and an external speaker connection add sound and voice capabilities for applications such as advertising and user instructions.

The NURIT 8210 meets the stringent security demands of today with both PCI PED and EMV approvals.