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VeriFone MX-850 Terminal

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VeriFone MX-850
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Ultra-crisp, 65,536-color display captures attention for multimedia branding and cross-promotion. High-performance processor and built-in keypad streamline payment and value-added transactions. Familiar, user-friendly interface simplifies use for consumers and clerks alike Highly durable, modular design stands up to heavy multi-lane usage and future-proofs


Picture Perfect. Designed for demanding multi-lane environments, the ultra-durable MX 850 has a powerful payment processing engine, a convenient keypad for secure PIN entry, user-friendly, ATM-style prompt keys and an ultra-crisp color display....making it the clear choice for many retail environments.

The PCI PED approved MX 850 securely handles transactions in seconds, while also delivering a dazzling array of brand reinforcement, cross-promotional messages and even consumer disclosures directly to consumers.


With its scratch-resistant touch screen, non-mechanical stylus, customizable trim plate and laser-etched keypad, the MX 850 is built to last for years. Field replaceable modules, expansion slots, and a USB port further future-proof the MX 850 and allow the addition of contactless and smart card payment or other capabilities as new technologies emerge.

In addition to supporting payments and merchandising, the complete MX 800 Series can support programs like loyalty enrollments, price checkers, instant credit, product locators, gift card loading, contracts and more.


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