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VeriFone CR 1000i Check Reader

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The VeriFone CR1000i check reader/imager is designed for full compatibility with the VeriFone Omni 32XX and 37XX terminals, using dial-up transmission through its internal 56 Kbps modem.  It is a plug-and-play terminal, not requiring a configuration check, and must be connected to a line, separate from the phone line used by the POS (Point Of Sale) terminal, for uploading the check images to the archive.  This uploading is done  with a reduction of cost and time of submission by allowing batch processing of large image files.

The VeriFone CR1000i, by converting checks into electronic documents, reduces risk and cost, facilitating the acceptance of checks in the retail environment.  The CR1000i’s flatbed feed mechanism uses a simple stand to permit over/under mounting in conjunction with payment terminals and provides a check imaging footprint smaller than any other in the industry. 

With its optional dual interface, the CR1000i can connect to an ECR (Electronic Cash Register) and to an Ethernet network, allowing extremely efficient back-end processing.  This allows cost-effective integration into vitually any environment, including as a plug-in replacement for an MICR-only reader in a legacy Point of Sale environment, reducing the cost and complexity of upgrading check conversion capabilities.

The VeriFone CR 1000i check and document reader offers merchants an easy and efficient way to take advantage of the benefits of check conversion and check imaging at the point of sale (POS). Paper checks are quickly and conveniently converted into secure electronic documents, greatly reducing the costs associated with handling, storing, processing, and collecting checks.

The CR1000i uses single-step reading and image compression, which operates as follows.
The user feeds the check into the CR1000i, where a 300 dpi (dot-per-inch) monochrome image of the check’s key elements – name and address, signature line, and bank information.  The Verifone CR1000i’s programming can allow reading the MICR line either once or, for improved accuracy, twice.  Within seconds, the CR1000i generates an authorization slip for signature by the customer.  Three distinct intelligent imaging algorithms are used to reduce the data size for the check image, targeting the check’s key quadrants, eliminating background images, and then applying standard compression techniques for rendering the data more easily stored and transmitted.

After the required information has been captured by the device, other check-processing tasks, including sorting, bank processing, and POD (Proof Of Deposit), are electronically handled, noticeably lowering bank deposit charges.

System updates can be remotely downloaded to the CR1000i, extending the device’s usefulness well into the future.


VeriFone CR 1000i Check Reader
Sophisticated Check Conversion



Motorola 68302, 16-bit CPU


2MB of Flash RAM; 1MB SRAM

Image Sensor:

300dpi, black and white


RJ-45 (2 ea)
10Base-T Ethernet (optional)

MICR Reader:

E13B, 1 and 2-pass reads
2-color status LED


7.5"L x 5.25"W x 7.5"H
Weight 3.5 lbs.


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Check Imaging at the Point of Sale
Sophisticated check conversion and imagings that provides superior flexibility, efficiency and accuracy
The VeriFone CR 1000i check and document reader offers multi-lane retailers an easy and efficient way to take advantage of the wideranging benefits of check conversion and check imaging at the point of sale (POS). With the CR 1000i, you can quickly and conveniently convert paper checks into secure electronic documents-greatly reducing your cost of handling, processing and collecting checks.

Flexibility to fit into your existing environment
The VeriFone CR 1000i can be cost-effectively integrated into virtually any retail environment. The device's optional dual interface is designed to connect to an electronic cash register (ECR) and to your store's Ethernet network, for efficient back-end processing. This makes it a snap to use the CR 1000i as a drop-in replacement for an existing MICR-only check reader in a legacy POS environment-with less cost and complexity than other check conversion alternatives.

Single-step check reading and image compression
With the CR 1000i, check conversion and imaging are accomplished in a single step. The clerk simply feeds a check into the device, where a contact image sensor captures a 300-dot-per-inch (dpi) black-and-white image of the key elements of the check, including name and address, bank information and signature line. The CR1000i can be programmed to read the MICR line once-or twice for improved accuracy. Within seconds, an ECR-generated authorization slip is ready for the customer's signature.

Once the device has captured the needed information, all other check-related tasks-such as sorting, Proof of Deposit (POD) and bank processing-are handled electronically. This can significantly lower your bank deposit charges, month after month.

The CR 1000i uses three different intelligent imaging algorithms to reduce the size of the check image data. These capabilities eliminate unnecessary background images, target the key quadrants of the check, and then apply industry-standard compression techniques to make the data easier to store and transmit.

The right solution-today and tomorrow
The compact, stylish design of the CR 1000i check and document reader requires minimal counter space, so it adapts to any environment. System updates can be downloaded remotely, to protect your investment over time. In addition, the CR 1000i benefits from the unmatched technology, reliability and application expertise of VeriFone-the leader in e-payment.


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