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Ingenico Elite 712 Terminal

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Ingenico Elite 712

Ingenico Elite 712

Ingenico 712

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Ingenico 712 Countertop Terminal

Elite 712
Compact "All-in-One" Terminal

The Ingenico Elite 712 has an "all-in-one" design and integrated PIN pad eliminate counter clutter, "spaghetti cable" look and the need for a terminal swivel, which can strain attached cables causing failure
Smallest form factor of any desktop terminal with integrated PIN pad on the market

Promotes Superior Customer Service

Large easy-to-read, four-line backlit graphic display ensures error-free fast customer checkout
The Ingenico Elite 712 is simple-to-use yet fully featured backlit keyboard provides cognitive touch response that speeds transaction finalization and increases operator confidence
Customer holds terminal, swipes card and enters PIN, ensuring privacy and security

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Website: www.ingenico.com

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