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Ingenico 5300 Terminal

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Ingenico 5300


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Ingenico 5300 Countertop Terminal

The Ingenico 5300 series is composed of the i5300 terminal (dual processor for compatibility with legacy 16 bit applications) and the i5310 terminal (mono processor for new 32 bit applications).Outstanding security features
• The integrated High Security Core (H SC) has been developed from
years of experience by the world leader in POS security, Ingenico.
It offers different levels of security, meeting the most demanding
requirements of payment transactions (Visa PED, ZKA.).
It has a 32-bit processor to support powerful encryption (R SA, DES,
3DES.), thus ensuring confidential data is secure.
• Multi application security is provided by UNICAPTTM technology
permitting several applications to run independently on the same
device. An additional benefit is the portability of previously written
applications for Ingenico terminals.

Quality and performance
• The long card swipe ensures optimal mechanical card reading.
• A wide range of internal communication options is available:
V22bis, V29 , fast V34 , ISDN.
• A Plug>It slot unables to expand to the terminal communication
• Ethernet Plug>It and external G PR S options can be added
to the original product (only i5310).
• Designed around a sub-assembly block making maintenance
and testing easy.

User friendliness
• Cable securely tethers base to terminal to optimize customer use
while providing maximum security.
• Quiet and fast (12 lines/second) thermal printer with easy-loading
• Ergonomically designed keyboard for easy PIN entry.
• Large graphic display with adjustable contrast.
• Customizable lens to promote customer logo/brand.
• Available in 3 colors: Sahara (front page), Atlantic, Pacific.

Memory 1 MB to 2 MB SRAM. Up to 8 MB Flash
O ption al MMC Mu ltim e d ia C ar d slot
P processor ARM 3 2 b its
S A Ms Up to 3 SIMs

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