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Ingenico Elite 510 Terminal

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Ingenico Elite 510

Elite 510 Credit Card Terminal


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Ingenico 510 Countertop Terminal

Advanced countertop
EFT terminal
Ergonomic, Compact Terminal
• Integrated design eliminates counter clutter and
“spaghetti cable” look
• Multi-application architecture supports delivery of
payment and value-added services
Promotes Superior Customer Service
• Easy-to-read, four-line backlit graphic display ensures
error-free fast customer checkout
• Simple-to-use yet fully featured keyboard provides
cognitive touch response that speeds the transaction
and increases operator confidence
• Thermal printer that is quick and simple to load
• Pre-print and pre-dial capabilities
Secure Transactions
Ingenico’s UNICAPT® technology ensures software
applications are developed in a secure and modular fashion.
Programmers can change application modules without
affecting other parts of the application and new
application modules can be added to existing applications
without re-certification of the whole program. Software
application modules can also be used in other Elite
products. Unicapt supports multiple applications on a
terminal such as payment, giftcards and loyalty.
Inherent Investment Protection
• UNICAPT secure multi-application architecture supports
multiple payment and value-added applications on a single
• UNICAPT allows applications that run on the 510 to
be ported to other Elite terminals
• Integrated EMV approved smart card reader
• Up to four Secure Access Modules (SAMs)
Operator Display & 4x16 backlit graphic display, 8 screen
Keyboard addressable keys, 3 function keys and
12 numeric/function keys
Memory 2 Mb memory (optional 4 Mb)
Printer 7 lines per second thermal
24 or 42 columns
Magnetic Stripe Reader Track 1/2
Smart Card Reader Sync/Async ISO 7816
EMVco Level I and II approved
Four Secure Access Modules (SAMs) option
Modem Integrated dial 300, 1200 and 2400 bps modem
Async and sync
Ports 1 RS232, 1 RS232 with power, 1 I2C and
2 telephone ports
Application Development C language
UNICAPT Development Environment
Dimensions & Weight 10.83" (275 mm) x 5.71" (145 mm) x 3.35"
(85 mm) 2.1 lbs ( 950 g)  

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