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Ingenico 100 Pinpad

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Ingenico 100


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Ingenico 100 En Crypt Pinpad

Ingenico's eN-Crypt 100 provides premier physical and logical security features making it one of the industry's most cost effective and secure ways of providing consumer PIN entry. The eN-Crypt 100 emulates VeriFone PIN pads and can be loaded with VeriFone's key injection programs without any software or program changes. This insures a smooth implementation of the eN-Crypt 100.
• The eN-Crypt 100 features Ingenico's VSC chip technology, which secures the PIN pad against a physical attack or attempt at reverse engineering Incomparable Ease-Of-Use
• Comfortable-to-use yet durable "travel" keys provide physical and audible feedback to your customers
• Familiar ATM style keyboard configuration make the eN-Crypt 100 simple to use
• Intuitive design uses four programmable function keys for flexible programming
• Large 16 character display eliminates message scrolling for better readability
• Keypad provides improved "feel" and durability over membrane keypads • Slanted display and size make it easy to use Supports Multiple Key Management Schemes
• Fully supports MasterSession and VISA DUKPT
• No need to switch modes
• Supports more than one key management scheme
Durable and Reliable
• Made by a company with over a decade experience in PIN entry technology
Display Dot matrix LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
One line by sixteen characters
Keypad Soft touch rubber keys
10 key telephone configuration
Four function keys
Security International DES encryption algorithm FIPS PUB 46
Data Encryption Standards ANSI X3.92 - 1981 (R 1987) Cryptographic Key Master/Session: ANSI X9.24 - 1990 Management DUKPT
MACs (Message ISO 8730
Authentication Codes) ANSI X9.19 - 1986
Physical Security Physically tamper-resistant VSC chip Mechanical tampering voids secure memory
Keyboard underlay protection Shrouded security switch
Encryption keys can be injected using Ingenico's
KeyFac and other manufacturers key injection software
Ports Single cable providing both data and power support RS232 asynchronous communications with selectable baud rates ranging from 1200 to 9600 baud (1200 baud default)
Power Supplied by host terminal
Dimensions & Weight 6.0" (150 mm) x 3.5" (90 mm) x 2.0" (50 mm)
8.3 oz (235 g)
eN-Crypt 100
Four function keys enhance application ease
and increase convenience. Large 16-character
display reduces prompt scrolling.

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