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Wymix is a PIN pad with chip card, magnetic stripe reader and an optional built-in antenna which can be used to process payments made by contactless cards as well as NFC-enabled mobile phones. The Wymix has been designed for integration with cash register systems at the point of sale. It gives merchants a convenient, fast and secure solution of accepting card payments with Chip and PIN.

PCI PED approved, Wymix meets the highest security standards for protection of PIN numbers and transaction data against fraudulent attack. With EMV Level 1 approval, it has been designed according to the latest international requirements for card transactions. Integrated with the Wynid solution, the Wymix provides a multi-application architecture which allows merchants to process all types of chip, magnetic stripe and contactless cards, for payment or other schemes such as loyalty programmes.

  • EMV Level 1
  • CE & RoHS


  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Loyalty
  • Prepaid
  • Contactless Cards


The PIN Pad Which Meets the Requirements of the Retail Market

  • Fast processing -Fast and secure transactions
  • Easy to use -Large backlit graphical display, navigation keys
  • Plug and Play Installation -Simplified maintenance and upgrade
  • Contactless -Embedded contactless antenna for cards and NFC

Fast Transactions

  • The Wynid solution is based on the distribution of transaction processing between the PIN pad and the payment server
  • The use of a main processor and a cryptographic accelerator permits to parallelize the access to card information
  • This architecture ensures fast and secure card authentication
  • Transaction speeds are further enhanced by the use of high speed connection with the cash register, using either RS232 or USB
  • Faster transaction speeds mean less time spent at the check out

Easy to Use

  • The Wymix has been designed to allow cardholders to keep possession of their card at all stages of the transaction
  • Its large backlit graphical display gives a comfortable interface to the cardholder for messages and menus
  • Navigation keys makes option selection intuitive
  • The horizontal card reader allows cardholders to swipe their own cards
  • Wymix also has an optional contactless reader to accept payment by contactless card or NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled mobile phones
  • Additional peripherals such as cheque reader can also be connected using the second RS232 connector

Plug and Play Installation

  • Connected to a cash register system, the Wymix can be powered either by USB or by serial port
  • Its dimensions are compatible with most of the poles designed for previous WYMIX product generations
  • With full plug and play capability, Wymix provides an easy upgrade to existing WYMIX product
  • Software updates can be automatically downloaded to the PIN pad
  • As a result the Wymix is easily swappable thus simplifying maintenance procedures

Display • Backlit graphics display (132 x 64 pixels)
• 8 lines x 20 characters
Keypad • 16 keys including 3 navigation keys
Card readers • Chip card reader
• Magnetic stripe card reader (ISO 1, 2 & 3)
• Optional SAM
• Optional embedded contactless reader compatible with NFC and ISO 14443 type A and B
Processor • XA 16 bits, with cryptographic accelerator
Memory • 128 KB RAM
• 2-4 MB Flash
Power Supply • Dual operating voltage 3V / 5V
• Powered RS 232 or USB connection
• Optional power adapter
Interfaces • 1 USB / RS232
• 1 RS 232
• Communication speed:
Serial: 1200 to 115200 bauds
USB: 2.0 Fullspeed
Dimensions (without PIN Shield) • 195 x 98 x 47 (L x W x H in mm)
Weight • 350 g


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