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Hypercom T7E Terminal

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Perfect for Home Businesses and Phone Orders, the Hypercom T7E has the ability to run complicated applications and has more features than similar terminals.  Activating one-touch functions with the "hot keys" on the 35-key color coded keypad enables the merchant to utilize an extensive range of transactions including check verification, tip edits, debit transactions, and batches.

Over 1000 transactions can be stored in the T7E with its 256k.  The dial access response time is under 10 seconds.  Ease of use is provided with the 35-key keyboard and 2 x 20 high contrast backlit LCD display.  Able to accommodate multi-host applications, the Hypercom T7E also has a full track 1 and 2 simultaneous card reader (with track 3 optional) and SDLC mutli-protocol support.  Its small footprint (6"L x 6.75"W x 2.25"H) makes it ideal for countertop POS applications.




2 x 20 Backlit LCD


32K EPROM; 256K RAM (1 MB Optional)

Card Reader:

1 and 2 track simultaneous (track 3 optional)

Dial Modem:

1200 bps V.22 (2400 bps optional)

Aux Ports:

RS232; RS422; TTL Parallel Printer


6"L x 6.75"W x 2.25"H - Weight: 1.3 lbs


+24 Vdc, 200mA


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T7E from Hypercom offers more features than it's competition and can run more complicated applications. The 35 color coded keypad offers "hot keys" for one-touch function activation. This enables a wide range of transactions such as debit, check verification, reports, tip edits, and batches to be accessed with a single clearly labeled key. The backlit (2 line x 20 character) display makes reading menu prompts and entries a snap, even in poorly lit areas. The Hypercom T7E also features a 256k ram memory which holds up to 1,000 transactions.

Hypercom T7E Product Highlights

35 key keyboard for single stroke function activation
256k to store more than 1000 transactions
Under 10 second dial access response time
SDLC multi-protocol support
High contrast 2 x 20 back-lit LCD display
Full track 1 and 2 simultaneous card reader
Multi-host applications
Dial, LAN, or leased line operation
With faster dial access response times and reduced communications costs, the T7E ensures lower operating expenses. No matter how sophisticated your POS transaction appllication, the T7E sets the standard in terminal functionality, reliability, and ease-of-use. Its sensible user interface and high performance.


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