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Hypercom T7 Plus Terminal

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Hypercom T7 PlusHypercom T7 Plus (InfoMerchant's Top Selling Product)
integrated terminal with high-performance printer


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T7Plus Features:

Get the next generation T7 POS terminals:
One-touch function activation for a wide range of
transaction types; no training required
Eliminates paper jams with revolutionary SureLoadTM printer
Supports longer paper rolls for fewer paper changes
Prints receipts in nearly half the time of previous
generation printers
Certified with major processors

The Hypercom T7 Plus builds on the heritage of Hypercom's popular T7 family of terminals selling more than 3 million units. This latest model is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal accepting all magnetic stripe cards and delivering fast online transaction authorizations.

The T7 Plus features the completely new SureLoad™ printer with significantly faster receipts delivery. It allows paper rolls to simply be dropped in place without feeding through slots and rollers and supports longer paper rolls at the request of the merchant community. The T7 Plus uses thermal paper and silently prints graphic logos directly on receipts, Its quiet operation is welcomed by both merchants and customers. An external PIN Pad can be attached where required. Support for new smart cards and EMV-compliant software are both available, along with improved peripheral connectivity. Secondary power supplies are often no longer needed.

The 35-key keyboard allows one-step initiation of all daily functions and transaction types. Compatibility with previous T7 software reduces certification requirements and training issues. The T7 Plus delivers a powerful feature set in an attractive, compact design. It offers low overall cost of ownership thanks to its high reliability, communications capabilities, easy operation and advanced remote software management. The T7 Plus is an ideal choice for merchants wanting a new credit/debit card POS terminal.

Card option
IC interface ISO 7816, EMV-certified, non-captive
Card reader
Magnetic stripe Tracks 1, 2; Tracks 1, 2, 3 optional
Reliability 400,000 reads (calculated)
Modem 1200, 300 bps, V22, V21 synchronous (SDLC) & asynchronous; 2400 bps, V.22bis optional
PIN pad port Modular, RJ-11
Peripheral port MiniDIN 9 with RS-232 and either RS-485
Type LCD
Text 2 lines x 20 characters text display standard
4 lines x 20 characters text display optional
Graphics 32 x 140 pixels optional
64 x 128 pixels optional
Backlight 50,000 hours (calculated)
Key mangement 12 master/session keys & DUKPT
Temperature 0-45 C/32-115 F
Humidity Max 85%, non-condensing
ESD 12,000 volts
Dimensions 10.0 in x 5.18 in x 2.5 in/25.4 cm x 13.2 cm x 6.35 cm
Elastomeric 35 keys, water-resistant
3 soft keys with 4 x 20 or 32 x 140 standard
6 soft keys with 64 x 128 optional
Reliability 500,000 keystrokes (calculated)
RAM 512 KB with 1 MB or 2 MB options
RAM backup 5-year battery
PIN (Optional)
AC 100~240 V
DC 24 V DC, 1A
SureLoadTM Clamshell design with drop-in paper loading,
Paper roll 57 mm wide, 80 mm diameter
Product lifecycle
Reliability 80,000 hours (calculated), not including printer
Physical Intrusion detector & secure CPU
Approximate 1.5 lbs/0.68 kg approximate weight

Website: www.hypercom.com

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