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Hypercom S9 Terminal

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Ease of use, cost effectiveness, and convenience are primary advantages of the Hypercom S9 as a PIN-based transaction device.  It increases the comfort levels of both customer and merchant alike.

Customers enjoy the responsiveness and maximum efficiency of the large number keys and conveniently colored OK and CANCEL keys along with the brightly backlit two line display at their fingertips.

Being triple-DES-capable and PCI-PED approved, the S9 meets all network integration and security standards.  The convenience of three optional configurations allows you to upgrade to an integrated chip card reader and/or to a magnetic strip card service.  Or choose a combined magnetic stripe card/chip service.  The Hypercom S9 has a complete software package enabling ease of integration with an existing POS terminal or with an existing ECR system for a total transaction solution for merchants.

Look to the S9 for ease of integration with other card payment systems and terminals.  The integrated chip/mag stripe readers provide even more optional flexibility.


EMV Approved
Interac Certified
PCI-PED Approved
RoHS Compliant

Perfectly suited for many applications:

Drug store
Prepaid locations
Specialty markets
Convenience stores
Gift-card retailers

Form follows function with this handy credit card terminal for ease of merchant transactions.  The S9 is ADA-compliant and easy to read, and secure PIN entry is accessible with this handheld device.  Maximum customer security is provided by PIN encryption.  And the sturdy plastic case and silicone rubber keys provide excellent durability.  The S9's comfortable ergonomic design fits the hand beautifully, allowing for fast and easy transactions.  Flexibility comes with this device working as with a countertop or handover device.

The Hypercom S9 uses "plug and play" software ensuring backward compatibility with other Hypercom terminals.  Migration is smooth and easy with the addition of optional configurations: an integrated chip card reader is available with the S9S model; the S9C model has a magnetic stripe reader; and a chip/magnetic stripe reader integrated into the S9SC model.

Hypercom S9

S9 PIN Pad



Elastomeric: 16 keys


LCD: 2 x 16 characters
Backlight: 25,000 (calculated)

Card Reader

Magnetic stripe: (optional); Tracks 1, 2;
400,00 reads (calculated)
Chip card: (optional); EMV approved; ISO 7816;
non-captive; 3V and 5V cards; two SAM sockets


PIN pad port: RS-422 PIN (standard), RS-232
3-wire (optional)


7.5 - 14 VDC, 100mA (standard)


Physical: PCI PED approved; intrusion detection,
secure cryptographic module

PIN Encryption

DES: Visa PED-approved; PIN-ANSI X9.8, MAC-ANSI X9.9 Part 1-ANSI X9.24
Triple DES: ANSI X9.52
Key management: DUKPT or 12 master/session keys


3.54 in x 6.73 in x 2.09 in / 9.0 cm x 17.1 cm x 5.3 cm


0.5 - .6 lbs/.22 - .27 kg (depending on the configuration)


Temperature: 0-45°C/32-115°F
Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
ESD: 12,000 volts


100,000 hours (MTBF calculated)


PIN pad only (S9)
PIN pad with magnetic stripe reader (S9C)
PIN pad with chip card reader (S9S)
PIN pad with magnetic stripe and chip card readers (S9SC)


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S9 PIN Pad Features:

Meets all the latest security standards
Visa-approved PIN entry
Certified by 3DES
EMV4.0 type approved and compatible with Hypercom Crypto Processor (HCP)
New easy-to-hold ergonomic design fits comfortably in customers' hands

Hand-Over Design Fights Fraud

The new Hypercom® S9 ensures security by letting customers always keep their credit or debit cards. Cardholders simply pick up the ergonomic S9 hand-over unit, swipe their card and enter a PIN, if needed. No need for cashier assistance.

Rock-Solid Security Around the World

The S9 incorporates the most secure criteria in electronic transaction technology globally, including new EMV standards. Easy-to-read user interface has an illuminated display and oversized, colored OK and CANCEL keys.

Reads Both Smart and Magnetic Stripe Cards

Regardless of whether customers use smart or magnetic stripe cards, three models of the cost-effective S9 accommodate both technologies and card readers are co-located to avoid user confusion. Model S9 is a PIN pad only. Model S9C is a PIN pad/terminal reading magnetic stripe cards. Model S9SC is a PIN pad/terminal reading both smart and magnetic stripe cards. The smart card reader accepts 3V and 5V cards or economic 3V-only cards.

Fully Compatible

The S9 features Hypercom plug-and-play software and replaces all Hypercom PIN pads including the S1, S7 and S8 families. As a PIN pad, the S9 is fully compatible with all Hypercom terminals from the T7 series through the ICE family. It is certified by Infogard PED and 3DES and EMV4.0 Type approved.

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