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Hypercom S9 MultiLane PinPad Terminal

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Hypercom S9

S9 PIN Pad


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Unique Brand Identity Opportunity
Rock-Solid Security
Reads Both Smart and Magnetic Stripe Cards
Fully Compatible

S9 Multi-Lane Features:

A strategic combination of form and functionality:
Unique custom decorating creates a new vehicle for brand awareness
Cost-effective and easy-to-use PIN entry device
Meets all the latest security standards
Visa PED and Triple DES-certified
Easily integrated with your existing POS devices

Unique Brand Identity Opportunity

The new Hypercom® S9 creates a new opportunity to promote your greatest asset, your brand name. The custom-decorated case allows you to express your brand effectively at the point of sale. The S9 is the most attractive, cost-effective method to accept PIN-based payment transactions.

Rock-Solid Security

The S9 was designed using the most secure criteria in electronic transaction technology. The S9 incorporates a PIN pad that meets all Visa InfoGard security requirements including tamper-proof case; a separate security processor; and Master/Session DES, Triple DES and DUKPT support. The S9 incorporates a physical 16-key rubber keypad for ADA-compliant PIN entry.

Reads Both Smart and Magnetic Stripe Cards

Whether customers use magnetic stripe or smart card technology, the S9 offers the flexibility to accept both for payment. With its versatile configuration options, there is an S9 to fit any retail environment.

Fully Compatible

The S9 comes with a complete set of software utilities to enable rapid integration into your existing POS system. In fact, most retailers and/or software integrators are able to integrate their POS systems to Hypercom terminals in a matter of hours. Using our software drivers such as the Windows DLL, OPOS controls or JavaPOS controls enables retailers to take full advantage of all features and functions of the S9 without having to write a single line of code on the payment terminaln

S9 Multi-Lan
Card Reader
Magnetic Stripe Reader (optional): Tracks 1, 2 (standard)
Tracks 2, 3 (optional)
400,000 reads (calculated)
Smart Card Reader (optional): ISO 7816
2 x 1D-000 SIM sockets (standard)
4 x 1D-000 SIM sockets (optional)
PIN Pad Port: RS-422 PIN (standard),
RS-232 3-wire (optional)
Configuration Options
Option 1: PIN pad only
Option 2: PIN pad w/magnetic stripe reader
Option 3: PIN pad w/magnetic stripe and smart card reader
LCD: 2 x 16 characters
Backlight: 25,000 hours (calculated)
Temperature: 0-45°C/32- 115°F
Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
ESD: 12,000 volts
Dimensions: 3.54"x 6.73"x 2.09"/ 90 cm x 171 cm x 53 cm
Membrane: 16 silicone rubber keys
PIN Encryption
Key Management: Master/session keys (12) or DUKPT
  12 V, 100m A standard
Product Lifecycle
Reliability: 100,000 hours (calculated)
Physical: Intrusion detector, secure CPU
  0.29lbs/130g (approximate)


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