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Hypercom P8 Terminal

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Efficient, quiet and quick operating printers are always professional assets at the point of sale.  These attributes are included in the entire Hypercom P8 family of printers.  They offer low operating costs along with reliability and high performance.  Available with a 40-column friction feed on the P8F models or a 23-column sprocket feed on the P8S models, these printers are a perfect choice for credit card voucher printing needs.

Advancing at a rate of 13 lines per second, the P8F roll printer's rapid paper advance speeds transaction times.  Printing on pre-printed forms is the advantage the P8S sprocket feed printer offers.  Not having to keep customers waiting, sprocket feed printing at 16 lines per second also enables custom applications requiring large amounts of complex international characters or standard text.

The small countertop footprint of the Hypercom P8 printers makes their powerful and convenient features that much more professional and enjoyable.  Both the P8F and P8S are easy and simple to load with the extra wide 3-inch paper roll.  Paper can be pre-printed or plain.  Improved printing speed comes with the bi-directional printing capability.  Handy power indicator lights and paper out lights complete the printing picture.

There is no need to purchase separate power outlets and supplies.  All P8 printers are powered from the terminal and are compatible with all of the Hypercom T7 terminals.

Hypercom P8 printer



3 inches (76mm - 3.35 inches/85mm max); 1, 2, or 3-ply carbonless


7 x 7 impact dot matrix; Character size: (w/h) 1.59/2.87mm; Line Spacing: 1/6 inch


Print Direction: Bi-directional; Print Speed: 4 lines per second: Feed


13 lines per second; Reliability: 2,000,000 lines MTBF; Head Life: 50,000,000 characters


RC2001B; Life: 1,200,000 characters; Size: 13mm

ESD Resistance



H: 4.25 in; W: 5.5 in; D: 9.0 in; Weight: 2.25 lbs

Environmental Operating Temperature

00 to +450 C (320 to 1130 F)


24 Vds, 1A supplied by terminal


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Opportunities Abound
Every Merchant Can Win
Eliminates Fraud, Shrinkage and Theft

CSP-1000 Printer Features:

Instantly prints and authorizes prepaid cards:
Get in on market opportunities with prepaid gift cards and phone cards
Offer customers greater variety of convenience options
Eliminate shrinkage and multiple inventories
Implement turnkey solution in a few easy steps
Complement existing prepaid card systems

Opportunities Abound

Demand in the prepaid cards market grows every day as consumers become more sophisticated. The most successful retailers focus on delivering a full selection of competitively priced products available anywhere, all the time, for every purpose.

Every Merchant Can Win

The Hypercom® CSP-1000 turns every merchant countertop into a profit center by instantly printing and authorizing prepaid cards in a variety of denominations. Gift card. Phone cards. Prepaid debit cards. All are perfect for convenience users, college students, truck drivers, travelers and EBT and credit-challenged customers.

Eliminates Fraud, Shrinkage and Theft

Before the CSP-1000, card shrinkage was significant and multiple inventories demanded considerable oversight. Now those are a thing of the past because the Hypercom CSP-1000 uses blank cards with no value until printed.

When combined with the ICE 5500Plus terminal, the CSP-1000 accepts clerk login and ID information, displays card options, displays card denomination choices, confirms selections, dials the central host and displays an approval message. This turnkey solution includes hardware, software, leasing options, encryption, deployment, training and maintenance.

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